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BrokenSwords (EP) (EU) PvE

No Rules
PvE and PvP
Do what you want
Make yourself some brothers while you are here

All lvls are welcome, but you need to be active in guildchat or wanna do dungeon or the is no reason to join ;)

Looking for fighters who want to find brothers to fight with or have a good time with and mess around with

Aint doing high End-game yet so i dont set up events and stuff like that, but will set a date when i will do trails when the times comes,

If you wanna do Dungeon just ask in guild-chat

This guild is made for simple reason: Find brothers, and have someone to do dungeon and PvE or PvP stuff with

Aint so fan of fake smiles and stuff like that, i do what i like, i say what i want so i expect you to do the same, isint a timeline but i do kick Antisocial ppl or ppl who stay offline WAY to long so hope you wont do that

If you wanna a guild that are hardcore or very freindly, then you must know that you wont find that here.

Dont like ass-kisser or noobs

Hope you will join xD

We are the Brokenswords so *** off

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Red The Warriorbard
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