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Imperial city DLC required for LFG random dungeons activity at lvl 10?

Soul Shriven
All is said in the title,

when I first started the game, I had no problem to find a group for random dungeons.

The reason being is I bought the game, with a nice 30 days eso+ bonus on my purchase.

First of all, I had all the worst problems trying to launch the game.

I have founded the solution myself since the only things Customer support seems allowed to do is copy past

of basic troubleshooting steps which rewards Nothing but a waste of time and hanger for Something you have paid

but not able to use it.

Once I have founded the solution, I shared it on the forum which helped ALOT of people with the same problem but no visible

solution from Bethesda's team.

Since this time, I took a break of the game for reasons and when I came back, installed the 80 Gb game, I was pleased to come

back and play this beautiful game.

Once I have hitted lvl 10 with a new character, I decided to do some dungeons to get some gear so I can kill quest objective faster.

To my biggest dissapointment, I selected my DPS role, changed the specific dungeon Q for the random one and once I hitted the Queue button,

Nothing happened.

I unselected my role to see if it was a bug from the game but that little line appeared above the queue button :

"The Imperial city DLC is required to perform this activity"

Tried on a higher level character, same ***.

I don't even know how to end this post,

with soooooo much dlcs added to the game, and every single one of them is required to perform a basic

activity on the main game (vanilla eso) continents.

I have two choice :

Buy all the DLCS to have no bounderies to what activity I can do

Keep eso+ subscription on my account, so I can access more things (not ALL things)

that some DLCS have to offer, such as the Looking For Group for Random Dungeons


Am I the only one that think this is *** ridiculous and they have balls to force us to pay more

for what we basically already paid?

And the fact they can't fix the errors some people have with the launcher/game is mindboggling to me,

when they start asking for more of my hard earned money.

I'll uninstall, want my money and my bandwidth back.
  • vamp_emily
    The problem is, you don't have me on your friends list :)

    I'm always finding fun in this game whether it is, doing dungeons, trials, pvp, or just hanging out in imperial city. I think I might be able to help you out a little. If you want to chat add me to your friends list @vamp.emily

    If you want a friend, get a dog.
    AW Rank: Grand Warlord 1 ( level 49)

  • TiberiousAldis
    What platform are you on? I'm only level 19, I think we could find some things to do. @shynobyred7 @vamp_emily
    Tiberious Aldis
    Grand Master
    The Knights of Corinthia
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