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Soul Shriven


Our Player Base Includes (but is not limited to):

• Irritating, nerve grating RL military types
• Condescending, self righteous officer types
• Masochistic, PvP addicted serial killer types
• Self loathing, questionable hygiene PvE types
• Anti-social spreadsheet humping theorycrafting types
• Fringe dwelling, socially inept crazy types
• Lonely, broke dorm-dwelling college types
• Needy, flirtatious, attention ♥♥♥♥♥ female types
• Old-school-is-still-cool Metamucil taking denture wearing types

Even with all those drawbacks Fist of the Empire (FoE) has managed to take their highly entertaining drama into numerous games over the past 15+ years. At the moment, we are actively annoying our enemies, (and a few of our allied faction) in the Elder Scrolls Online. We have an intricate organizational structure that lets us feel a sense of control in a world gone mad. We acknowledge the efforts of our members and reward and promote them based on their endeavors and effort; should they fail in game or at life we are swift with harsh judgments, reprisals and ridicule.

If you've made it this far into this post you clearly want to march in our parade of degenerates. You must be legal (18+) so we avoid any sticky situations with statutory laws. We are currently looking to add more crazies to our ranks, and YOU would fit in nicely, especially if you can have as much of a sense of humor about yourself as we do about ourselves. Everyone is welcome to apply, however we are seeking PvP-focused players that are guild-first types of players, who are professional in their gaming and enjoy rolling any other non-FoE's face whenever they rear their ugly heads in Cyrodiil.

These are the facts:

• We like to drink.(alot)
• Named Guild of the Month by Beckett MMO Magazine, PC Gamer and
• Guild Age: 15+ years
• Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
• Website:
• VoIP: Teamspeak 3 (required)
• Founded on military principles and led by RL Active Duty Officers
• Highly organized group of "Good Dudes and Dudettes"
• Professional: Guild writers have been published & paid (Beckett MMO Magazine, MMORPG.COM,, etc...)
• Fame: FoE has been featured in numerous industry publications and sites - Star Wars Fanfest '04 1st place, Star Wars Insider, PC Gamer, Stratics WoW, Beckett MMO Mag etc... to name a few
• PvP Prowess: FoE has been one of the top PvP guilds in just about every MMO since SWG; so much so, that developers come to US to alpha test the PvP mechanics in their games (WAR, APB, STO, D&L, DF, GW1&2, TB, Rift, Wildstar, TESO, Archage, BDO etc...)
• Tactics: we usually shy away from the zerg mentality and instead apply smaller group military tactics and strategy to dominate the zergy masses which abound throughout the MMO PvP battlefield
• PvP: Yes please! We are a PvP-based guild!
• PvE: Get your fat loots to dominate on the PvP battle field
• Daily PvP, Weekly FoE Community events, RL rewards for loyal guildies,(free games, gamecards/time, in-game $$$, etc...) and our annual get drunk-get together in RL FoE Fest!
• Did I mention that we like to drink...

How to Apply:
Simply go to, Click 'join' at the top of the page and follow the directions. Do it correctly, and you'll be drinking the "FoE Kool-aid" and shaving your head with us in no time!

Should you have questions, comments, essays, warrants, or DNA samples to submit to us, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We now return you to your regularly scheduled forum trolling.

** Disclaimer: If you happen to be in FoE and you're reading this post thinking 'they can't possibly be talking about me' ? Yes, we are talking about YOU!!!**
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  • Coxworth
    Soul Shriven
    I endorse this content.
  • praelian
    "Self loathing, questionable hygiene PvE types." What!? I didn't know you could smell me!
  • Sortep1977
    What campaign are you all in? Also, I put in an app on your site.
  • casparian
    I am simultaneously repulsed and attracted.

    One question: your guild website's Rule #2 is
    Must NOT be a member of another guild or clan

    As you may know, multi-guild membership in ESO is quite common, in large part because the way this game's economy works all but necessitates a dedicated trading guild. What's more, some people are in different guilds with different foci (for instance, a PVP guild, a trials guild, and a trading guild). Does your guild relax Rule #2 in ESO?
    7-day PVP campaign regular 2016-2019, Flawless Conqueror. MagDK/stamplar/stamwarden/mageblade. Requiem, Legend, Knights of Daggerfall. Currently retired from the wars; waiting on performance improvements.
  • RavenFrostX
    Soul Shriven
    @casparian We lifted this rule specifically for trade guilds and economy purposes. So feel free to join all the trade guilds you want if you join us! For other games we still hold this rule strong however. We do run dungeons for gear but our primary focus is PvP. If you want Register on the web site and throw an application in and then hit us up in TeamSpeak3 and we can chat more. Hope to talk to you soon!
  • Coxworth
    Soul Shriven
    @RavenFrostX Thanks for clarifying!
  • Sortep1977
    Fist of the Empire is a wonderful guild. I enthusiastically endorse this guild!!!
  • praelian
    Bump for love!
  • Pyrozest
    Soul Shriven
    I have started the application process :)
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