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EP guild looking for fresh new lovely faces!

Hello everyone and welcome to ESO: Morrowind! Our guild is recruiting new and existing players with a lot to offer. Take part in group activities with us in PvE, where we will triumph quests, dungeons and world bosses together. I will be running PvP groups for EP alliance on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and when all is conquered for the day, come to the guild island and take advantage of a beautiful scenery, crafting station, arena, and good times.

Our goal in this guild is to give a helping hand in acquiring the specific gear and stats you wish to acquire. We also have a TeamSpeak server, and a dedicated ESO guild site that includes an event calendar, forums and badge awarding system. We're very new player friendly, willing to take time to work on your toon and talk about game mechanics. While we are not a trading guild, looking to max out the member count, we are smaller, more dedicated to mastering aspects of the game.

Feel free to poke around our site at, jump in our TS, I'm on around about 8:30-11pm eastern on week nights, will be on most of the day Tuesdays and Saturdays. I am available here for pm's, or find me in game @Aromak.

Happy questing!

Guild creation date

Arena! Come here to practice your skills and rotation, or hold a duel competition!

Crafting area



Just the beginning to what we offer, more to come as we're always building :)

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