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Returning player seeking small/med-sized, tight-knit guild for pvp and pve [Dominion]

After a two year break, I've recently been diving back into ESO and loving it. One thing that always bothered me though was the prevalence of massive guilds in the game that make it difficult to really get to know everyone and be able to work together efficiently. I'm looking for a Dominion only guild that loves to PvP as well as do some gear runs, doesn't have to be anything hardcore, I'm more about working as a team to have fun.

Back when I used to play at launch I ran with a guild that did a lot of 4 or 5 man gank groups for auxiliary skirmish style pvp in cyrodiil, which I'd love to be able to do again at some point. I'm also always down for some old fashioned gear grinding too, doesn't have to be the toughest raids or anything, but getting some new gear would be nice since I've just come back. I'm a 55 champ Nightblade trying to get to 160 as fast as possible and just looking for a smaller guild that already knows how to work together and is generally laid back. Please be Dominion only and please don't have a discord only policy as I don't have a mic, thanks!
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