Khajiiti southern jungle class

From a roleplay perspective, what class would fit a khajiit who was born in the jungles of southern Elsweyr (otherwise known as Pellitine)? I'm leaning towards either DK or NB, but I'd like some thoughts on the matter. I'm thinking of this khajiit like a white tiger, but also like a guerilla fighter type.
Veric Blackwood - Breton Vamp PetSorc CP 440 DC
Glace Argent Voernet - Breton Tank Warden Lvl 40 DC
Xhiak-Qoa'cthurus - Argonian MagDen Lvl 31 EP
Ophelia Argent - Breton Bloodmage Lvl 30 DC
Coeus the Mystic - Altmer Magsorc Lvl 28 AD
Suunleth-dar - Khajiit Stamblade Lvl 25 AD
Teldryn Antharys - Dunmer MagDK Lvl 20 EP
Ilianos Solinar - Altmer Stamplar Lvl 25 AD
  • Dustfinger81
    Don't think the class in this game would be the issue. Only the armor type and possibly weapon type. Class-wise, all could work.
  • Griffe
    If you want a warrior, I guess some visual effect from DK's skills could be nice. NB will be perfect for an assassin, a thief, or a sort of vampire (especially Siphon abilities).
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