[EU/EN] LF English or German guild/ group for vDSA, CR466 DPS DK

Soul Shriven
Hi, I'm LF an English/ German speaking guild/ group that run vDSA occasionaly.

I can use voice tools but I'll only be listening not speaking ;-)

I'm a CR466 DPS DK w/ around 13k DPS on single target (I know, I know) and 30k DPS on multi target. For a closer look at my experience with the game and my class you may want to see my pvp build on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjmoPVfSbXyX88Yg3Gc41Q

Please leave a message here with @yourname or add me ingame @redcano

In vDSA I'll be interested in the bow and (maybe also) the 2-handed sword so I'll pass over any (other) weapons for trade after finishing the arena.

Hope to got some attention,
  • rk110132
    hey if u want we are planning to make a group not a guild yet as we dont have many members yet on the friend list we can meet Im a DD 31k dps self buffed and a healer with masters resto staff infused and malestorm shock staff charged I have one more person who is interested but I would like people also who would help me manage the guilds contact me in game if u interested @rak110132
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