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Error 307 (6:3:1470:126) Booted from server.

Ive been getting this error here recently. How do I fix? I have closed app and still happens. Restarted my modem router and ps4 and problem persist. Just started this morning.
  • Jumbalove
    Soul Shriven
    For me (and a handful of people I know), this error was received because they were adding missing crowns to our accounts. If it last any longer than 5-10 minutes, reach out to support. Best of luck!

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  • Cêltic421
    You serious? I didn't know I had missing crowns lol. I'll take a look and see if my crowns went up. It happened twice in about 10 mins and then I posted this and hasn't happened since.
  • motnvol
    last night at 1:52am I was booted from the server (error 307) while in PVP battle. Lost a Cold Fire Balista. this isnt 1st time it's happened n found out others in one of my guilds were also booted at the same time...getting kicked out of cyrodiil then reque for another massive wait to get back in
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