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[PC EU] Acolytes of Azura

While we are currently not actively recruiting, if you feel this would be your perfect home, we'd still love to hear from you!

If you find you don’t quite fit into the usual type of guild, where the membership is just too big to know everyone, and if you’re looking for something special and a place to call home, then read on!

The Acolytes of Azura is small and will always remain that way. You’ll know everyone in it and will soon have adventured with most of them. We do run dungeons together and sometimes challenge ourselves to do vet. We love delves and dailies and sometimes we team up for world bosses and our 'wobbles' have become things of legend! Lore and total immersion are highly important aspects to our followers, as is maintaining a friendly and welcoming community!

How do you know if the Acolytes is for you?


• You respect others and expect the same
• You’re as likely to be found wandering the beaches of Auridon at sundown or soaking up the dawn as it rises in Deshaan, as you are protecting Nirn from the destruction of Molag Bal’s Titans
• You like to chat and joke with a small number of people you know well, but...
• You also like to immerse yourself completely sometimes and wander through quests alone, without feeling pressured to be social and where you are free to explore the world at your own pace
• You dislike too many rules and regulations and just wish to be part of a friendly, relaxed atmosphere
• You enjoy the lore as much as slaying Lamia, Daedroth or the odd insane mage
• You like to stop and admire the view, whether it be in dungeons, delves or the local tavern
• You think dungeons should be fun and friendly, where folk are free to learn mechanics, where mistakes can be made and won’t be treated as world ending disasters, threatening to bring further destruction to Aurbis
• You would rather help than criticise others, sharing your knowledge and experience, but are also happy to learn things too
• You love Tamriel in all its strange and diverse beauty...

...then the Acolytes of Azura might be just the place to call home!

We welcome all levels of experience the opportunity to apply. From newcomers to the most experienced of veterans. AoA is about community, a place where everyone feels welcome. Due to our size, all members are expected to actively participate in our community. This is a guild strongly defined by its members and all Acolytes are encouraged to provide feedback which helps shape the future of our home.

If you feel you may well be the perfect fit for our small and friendly community, then take the chance and choose to follow the path of the Queen of the Night Skies’ guiding star.

To sign up, please send an in-game message to @Kurgle, or myself.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

- Dusk
Curate, Acolytes of Azura
Edited by Duskbinder on March 30, 2018 3:32PM
  • Violatorrose
    Check your forum inbox Dusk ;)

  • Silchas_Ruin
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there,
    I was looking for a guild for a little while now because I know that i can't have as much fun without one. However, I have been intimidated by the high member count most guilds boast. Even though I do understand that with the way the trading system works those large guilds are almost inevitable, I would still like to join a small, casual guild that fits my play style.
    While I like being a loner and experiencing the lore of tamriel, it can get boring after some time and I do enjoy a little company and people to goof around with, it just shouldn't get too forced and exhausting. So your description of the relaxed, friendly guild chat really hits the mark for me.
    To tell you a little about me, I am 18 years old live in Germany and have been playing mmorpgs on and off for about 6 years and started eso about a month ago. Most of the games I've played I enjoyed the PvE content more than PvP so I'm looking forward to running some dungeons with you guys.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
  • Duskbinder
    Quick Update - We are still looking for like minded folks to join our small haven. If you are interested and believe this guild would be a good fit, please get in touch in game via mail with some details about yourself to @Kurgle.

    We'd love to have you with us! :-)

    - Dusk
    Edited by Duskbinder on August 13, 2017 11:46PM
  • IvanS
    Hey Dusk :) If this is still open, I'd love to join up. @EonSpirit, character's name is Mahad.
  • Kurgle
    Hi Eon, yes - we're still open and accepting new members. I'll message you in game :) (@Kurgle)
    Edited by Kurgle on August 18, 2017 4:48PM
  • megajra

    I wrote to Dusk ingame but he didn't reply - do you still have open spots in your guild? I'd like to join if possible :)

  • Duskbinder
    Hey Megajra,

    Apologies for the delay, been away on holiday! I'll pass your info onto Kurgle, who should be in touch soon!

    - Dusk
  • JoeVertigo
    What voice chat do you guys use?
  • Kurgle
  • Kurgle
    We've added quite a few new members just lately and we want to keep the guild small-ish and still personal, so have put the brakes on and closed recruitment for now.

    We think it's more important that we all get to know each other well before we grow too fast - that's one of the main things that makes us special, we feel like a family and want to keep it that way.

    We will be opening recruitment again at some point though, so if you do like the sound of the Acolytes, just msg me in game anyway (@Kurgle) and I'll let you know when we're open for recruitment again. And yes, I will reply, promise :)
  • Whitebeerd
    *** YES, why havent i found this guild before now?!

    I love to join you small guild =)@Skyperr

    Pls send me a inv =)
    Red The Warriorbard
  • maunoox
    Soul Shriven
    can i join?
  • Kurgle
    Sorry, recruitment is closed for now. We want to make sure we don't grow too big too fast so we can preserve the family feeling. But if you'd like to message me in game (@Kurgle) I can contact you when we've opened again if you like.
  • Kurgle
    We've opened recruitment again for a short time since we have a few free slots.

    If you like the sound of a small guild in which you know everyone and can run dungeons with friends, if you like to play your way without feeling pressured, to take your time when you like and meet up for the odd fun event when it suits you, then reply here or message me in game: @Kurgle.

    You can read a little more about our friendly little guild at the start of the thread.

    What to expect: We'll spend about a week getting to know each other, then I'll have a chat with you to check if you're happy and if all is good, you'll become a full acolyte and it will be time for your welcome worldboss wobble! (a fun, informal event in your honour where you'll have a chance to run about with other members and get to know us all better. It doesn't hurt. Honestly.)
  • Timoca
    Soul Shriven

    A friend and I would like to join the guild, I'm @Timoca ingame :smile:
  • Kurgle
    The Acolytes are recruiting!

    We're opening the doors again for a short time, so if you want something different than the usual large, anonymous guild, a place where you can feel welcome, get involved and become part of the family, send a message to me ingame (@Kurgle) or reply here and I'll get back to you.
    Edited by Kurgle on March 3, 2018 11:15PM
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