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[RP] Knights of the Eight - Lore Friendly RP Guild

This is not yet an active guild, I am here to gauge interest from the community.

The name is inspired from TES IV: Oblivion's 'Knights of the Nine' DLC. In TES lore Pelinal Whitestrake defeated Umaril before the events of ESO, and it's plausible that an order of knights continued the work he started elsewhere, safely structured from the clutches of chaos in Cyrodiil. Perhaps their efforts were never truly appreciated by the scholars of the third era as all trace of them might have been lost in the war that takes place during the events of ESO. ESO is set before Tiber Septim founded the Septim dynasty and ascended to godhood in the form of 'Talos', hence there are only Eight Divines at the time of ESO.

'A sign hangs loosely from the great oak chapel door. "The Knights of the Eight are now recruiting able warriors and servants of the Eight Divines. Those who would swear an oath to seek and drive Daedric minions out of Tamriel will be accepted. Applicants of all race, province, and background are welcome within. Begin your pilgrimage in the light of the Eight, and any of your past crimes may be forgiven..." Before you have read the notice in full, the door swings open to reveal a dimly lit lofty space. An aged yet kindly face awaits you inside. "Hail Friend!" they speak. "Here to join the knights are you?" Before you have time to respond the assumed priest continues. "Travelled far? come come, inside. The winds are cold outside but our hearth is as warming as the prevailing fires of Akatosh."

I'm not looking to flood you with lots of religious lecturing or preaching. We would be roleplaying as god-fearing servants of the Eight Divines, on a seemingly impossible quest to drive back the Daedric hordes in a world that at the time is one of both civil war and potential apocalypse, so it's understandable that some religious customs might be... lesser trodden.

Guild purposes - Role play scenes/events, PvE both slow and fast paced, casual exploration, adventuring as an RP party, member to member trading (but I doubt we'd be able to compete with trading guild store bids), and the possibility for amateur fantasy writers to hone their craft.

Please comment or contact me at @LethalToxic if you would be interested.

Edited by Guintri on May 4, 2017 4:50PM
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