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The Empire Wants You! Join the 4th Legion (NA PC Server)

Rich in Elder Scroll history the 4th Legion has been slugging it out in the Shadowfens for a long time through disaster and victory the 4th Legion has continued on in the hearts of the Empire. Help us bring back the 4th Legion and raise the Imperial standard throughout the lands.

Our website:

a brief note about us: We are starting out a few of us looking to grow and create the 4th Legion, we are located within the White Prison in the Shadowfens (ebonheart Pack area) although we do have player housing keep we prefer to start out the Legion in its home in the Fens. Our guild is run by a council with our general ch. created npc used for special occasions. We have a ranking system as well as organized group formations. 4 man team is a century so that we might rp dungeon runs for each century and 3 centuries will be a cohort so that we might rp 12 man dungeons. BUT! THATIS NOT ALL....

We will also be moving forth in city rp in which as we advance the 4th's story we will be creating an rp environment within a city along with governor, merchants, tradesmen for crafting, etc. We work well with other guilds and look forward to joining other city rp guilds to create a more enriching rp environment within the ESO community. All races and classes are welcome to join us as well as vampire and ww. For city life want to create a mages school? Or perhaps a vampire coven? Maybe a thieves guild? We are looking to inhabit port in the Fens and Hews Bane, so please come and join us in creating a vision of ESO life.

One of the nice things about being run by adults (myself 37) is we don't deal with drama, we play ESO to get away from real life so we just want to have fun. Also with being a new guild is we are open to new and different ideas of our own, we are not set in our ways, the communication is always open and free to people want to give impute and to rp out their ch. story way they would like to do. Our story is not surrounded by one person and their vision, but flexible and open to all its members.

Contact us ingame: @rynlath or @Caius_Mettius
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