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PS4 PRO Vs PS4 Standard

Hello people,

So my question here will be very brief. Will a PS4 pro give me better framerates/lag reduction regardless of the graphics output 4k/1080p. I care little for better graphics. My issue is entirely with the delayed reactions of my character and frame rate drops. I cant even duel affectively or play anywhere near keeps in Cyrodiil because the lag becomes unbearable.

So how much better is the processor on the Pro in comparison with the standard PS4?
Thanks in advance.
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  • pattyLtd
    Yes, performance has increased massively for me on PS4 Pro.
    It used to crash a lot but that seemed to have improved too but ymmv.
    English is not my native language, no grammar police please, tyvm
  • RouDeR
    It will make ur framerate more stable but the delay is server side , in big battles u will still have delay
  • Ariades_swe
    Improved tons for me in Cyrodiil
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