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How to obtain "Firelogs, Flaming"/interactive without spending crowns (Wormsquasher/Autumn's Gate)

"Firelogs, Flaming" (often called "Firelogs, Interactive") are a pile of wood with a toggleable fire (regular gold vendors sell similar item but without ability to set it aflame). Very nifty to create custom fireplaces like this one:
Normally this item cant be crafted and can be bought only from crown store...with this small exception.

Lets be clear here, i made this guide thinking about players who absolutely cant afford spending crowns and would like to get this nice item only by gold. If you dont spare expenses in crown store, you will find this guide useless.

- 15 to 30 minutes of spare time
- [Wormsquasher] achievement
- 60k gold
- "A friend in need" homestead quest completed
This method is limited to one Firelogs per account (but other players can trade you their own firelogs)

Basically your goal is to buy Autumn's Gate house in The Rift, it has this Firelogs as a stock furniture (even if you buy it with gold as unfurnished). When you purchase it you can "withdraw" that item to inventory and move to your "real" house and make your own custom fireplace.

Below you can find a detailed guide on how to obtain the "Wormsquasher" achievement that blocks purchase of Autumn's Gate house:

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