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Regarding /emote...

I'm not exactly new to RP, but did little RP in English. I have problem properly describing my character's actions, seeing how rarely I need to describe my own actions/gestures IRL.

It's the the reason why I quit MUDs. Way too stressful, trying to come up with just the right phrase and prepositions. Especially prepositions...I'll never get them right in this lifetime.

So I wonder how often people use /me in ESO, and how well do you expect others to use them? I'm hoping the base emotes will be enough, but not sure if people pay attention to them/find them sufficient in conveying the mood/tension.
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Best Answer

  • RandomSilliness
    My observations of RP so far (6 months of casual play) are that role-players use /em almost exclusively, even for dialog.
    /em shifts uncomfortably in her chair.  "I didn't think you noticed."
    Versus any combination of
    /s I didn't think you noticed.
    /s is almost never used, and I personally find it difficult to follow as a result. I would rather see dialog colored separately from the narration, using /em and /s together, but crowded situations can inject noise between those two statements and I understand people don't like that. I wish there was a good parser/add-on that could color quoted text within and /em such that it stands out from the narration.
  • jockjammerb16_ESO
    /e is as the name implies,for emote. that my dears is a thing your character DOES not SAYS.
    /s is for SAY....that's right,when your character says something.
    simple use it.
    Another person might be too far away too hear what you are saying,but might see what you are doing. That allows for good roleplay,meeting new people,getting pulled into some random mess for making the wrong gesture etc.
    as above mentioned it is hard to keep track of things when people use /e for say and vice versa.

    Just use /s and /e the way they are intended. New players will find it easier to RP and no one will get confused. Simple.
  • Haxer
    I've always used /s and /e as intended. /e for dialogue is hard to read, and I rarely do it.

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