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Racial Passive Question...

Hey there!

I'm curious how the prevalence of resource poisons in duels interacts with racial passives, specifically resource regeneration. For example, I'm tinkering around with a Bosmer Stamblade but I'm wondering if resource draining poisons will make that a throw-away stat. I'm thinking about putting Cleanse on my front bar so I can purge poisons quickly, but my Bosmer has a pretty low Magicka pool.

Would I be better served running a Dunmer? There's still a 6% Stamina boost, and I'm wondering if the 9% Magicka boost would be more or less useful than Stam regen in an environment where resource poisons are prevalent. Are there other factors I'm not considering?

Thanks in advance for your insights! :)
  • GreenSoup2HoT
    I dont even think you will have enough magicka to cast purge if its a magicka resource poison.
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  • Qbiken
    I would go with bosmer if I were you :)
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