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No more collector pack fr for pc


My problem is simple, i tried plenty of gameshops in France, none of them have collector pack for pc.
But they still have plenty for console

I started with one that said the game wasn't in store and I had to wait a month ...
Shouldn't have trust them ... They don't have the game and I waited too long because of that

So 3 questions

Why so few pc collector pack ?
They all said they hadn't enough of it to sell

If I buy Xbox pack, i suppose I can't get the horse, pet and other on my pc account ?
(But still get the map and statue, but I don't want to pay twice to get all of this)
If the only difference is the disc, I can download the game and buy the Xbox pack ...

If I want to preorder an english version of the pack, where can I do that online ?
I can still read in english, and the statue is the same so no problem if I can still preorder this one
> Lisbeth Greenhearth - lvl 50 CP 160
Breton - templar Tank
Hinola Greenhearth - lvl 13
Breton - templar Heal
Do'Raishan - lvl 11
Khajiit - nightblade thief
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