Stamina Nightblade - Endgame Weapons

Disclaimer : Still learning the ropes so pardon me if this is a silly question

My goal in ESO is purely solo( questing, dailies , crafting and some soloable dungeons) and some casual PVP which weapons are to be used ?

I do not like the animation or the play style of 2H but I have been told to bear it through the horrible leveling so that I can get access to Rally which is supposed to be damn good.

So having said that which weapons ( primary and secondary) do you recommend for me ?

  • FlyLionel
    Rally is the best stamina skill in the game...or sometimes feels that way when you don't have major mending as a NB and hit it and you get full health back. So you are bearing through levelling 2h? But do not plan on using it? Bow as secondary would be great so you get around faster/kite range options(utility is still the best). As a main weapon for raw damage you'll want either 2h(less damage than DW but more survivability, use a greatsword) or DW(Highest sustained damage possible and will make solo content easier as long as you have vigor, use two daggers or two swords). If you use 2h you'll need to use power extraction for some AoE game, DW gives access to a AoE in steel tornado. If you are using Aoe that is.

    For pvp on a nightblade SOLO* bow and 2h forever. I only go DW and 2h in a group because the only contribution us NB's have is high burst+defile on tanky guys AKA nothing.

    EDIT: I almost forgot, when I started the game I used bow and dual wield like how I did in skyrim, 2h felt terrible to use. Once I tried it out for rally in pvp I never take it out of my builds...its a beautiful love story really.
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  • vpy
    Thanks mate

    It's not like I hate 2H or something but I highly hate the leveling process associated to get it.

    Compared to my other classes (Sorc and Templar) NB has very little healing option and having Rally available at the last tier makes me cranky I guess.
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