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Origins of the Dragonknight's "Venon Magic" and their relations to the dragons...

Hi! I wanted to know how the venon morphs from the Dragonknights skills enters into the The Elder Scrolls lore...

I did a research and found no mention of Dragons using "venon shouts" or actually "spitting venon" or being poisonous, exept the descriptions of the following ESO skills:

Venomous Claw: Rake an enemy with your claw, dealing poison damage. The poison seeps into the enemy and increases the damage the longer it lasts;
Noxious Breath: Exhale a corrosive blast, dealing poison damage and reducing an enemy armor;
Green Dragon Blood: (It has no special description, but it describes the blood of the dragon being "green");
Corrosive Armor: Oxidize the "green dragon" blood in your veins ("green blood" from the skill above), limiting income damage, damage nearby enemies with poison and making atacks ignore enemy armor.

There are non-canon information that the Tsaesci (who created the "dragonknight martial arts") learned those "dragon-like" techniques from the dragons themselves; Or that they ate dragons and mimicked them (hence the dragon wings and spikes, maybe their regeneration too).

The only things that could make sense, are that the Tsaesci are reptilian/serpentine folk (controversial), and the fact that the dragons are actual reptiles, proved at TES V, as you encounter the Revered Dragons and the Serpentine Dragons, although the most common dragons are also reptilian. But still no venon/poison/disease...

I know ESO is canon, but should I consider the skills and their descriptions and mechanics canon as well?

(Also, have I posted in the right forum? Or should I post on General, or other?)

Sorry for the english!
Glory for the Pact!
  • Dustfinger81
    I would consider them canon. I would also make room for the possibility that there are different dragons with different characteristics. Especially considering that there is both "dragon blood" and "green dragon blood".

    edit: In "Mysterios Akavar" on page 212 of the Skyrim Library Vol. 1 Histories, it makes mention of both red and black dragons. While it doesn't specify different abilities between the two, we do see that there are different kinds of dragons. We also know from the Skyrim game that different dragons provided different shouts.
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  • DocFrost72
    Rickter wrote: »
    this elusive "Green Dragon" must smell pretty bad

    Perhaps even Noxious?

    *Shows himself out*
  • Asardes
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  • Gabrielzavadski
    Yeah... it seems no one knows how to answer that mistery... :'(
    Glory for the Pact!
  • Dustfinger81
    Yeah... it seems no one knows how to answer that mistery... :'(

    I know ESO is canon, but should I consider the skills and their descriptions and mechanics canon as well?

  • WhiteMage
    The answer lies not in the lore, but in the already-established combat features of the game. You see, dragonknights are based around DoTs, and fire has a secondary effect that is a DoT. Fire, however, had become magicka-only due to champion points, so to bring stamina dragonknights up to par, they were switched to using the stamina counterpart of fire that also applies a DoT as a secondary effect, poison.

    Look no further, this is the real reason Stamina dragonknights use poison damage.
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