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MORROWIND – "Drogo" Stamina DK PvP Build – CP/NO-CP & BG

Hi Guys! I tested Drogo build on Battlegrounds and on No-CP campaign to see if it works, and it Actually work really well on both BG and NO CP campaign.
I've make some changes to Champion Points, so you can go on CP Campaign!
Enjoy the video :D


Morrowind Build Video

Homestead Build Video

RACE: Redguard


– Health: 25200

– Magicka: 10113

– Stamina: 37697

FOOD: Max Health and Max Stamina

MUNDUS: Warrior

GEAR: 5-1-1

– Alchemist: 5 pieces, all divines qith Stamina glyphs

– Kena: 1 piece, divines Stamina Glyph

– Velidreth: 1 piece, divines Stamina Glyph

– Maelstrom Two-Hander Mace Shapened

- Random Bow Sharpened with Weapon damage Glyph

- Agility: 3 Jewerely robust + Weapon Damage Glyphs


Bow Bar:

– Poison injection

– Dragon Fire Scale

– Radiant Mage Light

– Camouflage Hunter

– Resolving Vigor

– Flawless Dawnbreaker

Two-Hander bar:

– Critical Charge

– Molten Armaments

– Reverse Slice

– Wreacking Blow

– Rally

– Take FLight


- Mighty 75

- Maters-at-Arms 100

- Precise Strikes 35

- Tumbling 60

- Tenacity 100

- Warlord 50

- Quick Recovery 30

- Hardy 60

- Elemental Defender 60

- Ironclad 60
Edited by luckyluke92 on May 28, 2017 12:26PM
  • luckyluke92
    Build Updated for Morrowind
  • Hutch679
    Build Updated for Morrowind

    How does that work with 600 stam regen??
  • luckyluke92
    your rotation is with Heavy Attacks so you can recove stamina from them! consider that you have a lot of damage, so when you do an heavy attack with ultimate you will charge a lot of stamina and deals a lot of damage!
  • Waffennacht
    Edit: I see how you got there now, you have full undaunted right? And are you heavy or medium? I can't watch the vids at work
    Edited by Waffennacht on May 31, 2017 4:35AM
    Gamer tag: DasPanzerKat NA Xbox One
    1300+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er

    Waffennacht' Builds
  • TankHealz2015

    Love that hammer!
  • luckyluke92
    i'm 5 medium 1 heavy 1 light
  • CurvedSwords123
    Why one medium one light? I see u are using singular pieces of two seperate monster sets. Is there no suitable crafted alternatives? I think I'll give this a try. I'm a returning player and my old two hand/bow build is getting me *** in cyrodil. Good to see post Morrowind redguard builds. Zos can keep nerfing us but we'll survive!
  • CurvedSwords123
    Another question. I notice u'r using dawnbreaker and take flight. Aren't those ultimates a little similar? Did u consider something like corrosive armour for one or the slots? Last question. Do you find the lack of impenetrable pieces hurts? Do you have trouble vs certain classes or is this an all around solid build? Thx.
  • luckyluke92
    1- i have dawnbreaker on bow bar only to have more weapon damage, i always use take flight. Corrosive armor cost too much and we need to have ulti back as much as we can to stay alive, enemy know when you are on corrosive and the have just to play defensive for 10 second and then burst you down easly.
    2- consider that we are wearing medium armor, so we can not tank anyone, even with impenetrable traits it won't change so much because medium armor passive gives not so much resistance, so you need to avoid the damage and burst doen the enemy quickly or you will die :)
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