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An Error has occurred....

So this is a pretty old error by the looks of it, but I am playing on a Mac and whenever I try to log in, I cant get through the character loading screen. To be clear, I can log in to character selection every time, but get the error when I try to log into a character. Now, 10% of the time I get lucky and can enter the game without a fuss but then am kicked from the game when I try to wayshrine somewhere or load into a dungeon. The error I always get is:

An error has occurred. Please wait a few minutes and log in again.

Now, I have tried: reinstalling, removing (all) add-ons, using port forwarding, using a hard connection (ethernet), using wifi, taking a connection straight from the wall.... but nothing works.

I believe the problem has something to do with the fact that I have a static internet set up at my place. I can play if I take my computer to my girlfriends place but would really like to be able to play at home sometimes, especially considering the only thing I can think of now is just moving to a place with better internet. I have looked at many of the past forums and none of them seem to resolve this issue for me.

Does anyone know what I can do? I am looking for a fix to this error that does not include "getting better internet" as I live in a residence and I am stuck with what they give me.

Note: Ping tests come back with decent results (Ping= 17ms; Upload= 35.56 Mbps; Download= 8.82Mbps).
  • Jenuma
    I am having the exact same problem, literally exactly as you described. All the threads I've found are dated back to 2014, and the only suggestion I can get is to set up port forwarding, which I can't do. As far as I can tell, there has never been an official response from ZOS.

    Sorry I can't provide any help, but maybe we'll get some resolution soon.
  • jrod747
    Alright so as far as I've seen, Zos just kind of ignores this topic whenever it comes up so I am going to try and shed some light on the topic:

    With regards to my current situation, I resolved this option by moving. Literally to another flat. It wasn't the only reason for the move but I believe that the static connection set up in the building (I was living in a student apartment complex), combined perhaps with what is probably some very old and poorly installed wirework was the cause of my inability to play ESO for the better part of a year. Port forwarding didnt solve this issue for me, nor did pretty much sneaking into the main router in the building to get the most direct connection coming out of the building.

    If you are having this problem, Zos will not likely help you, because the likely can't help you. The minimum internet connection required to play ESO is likely higher than what your building will allow for. And if you are like me, and are stuck with whatever the Student Housing Management has set up and cant upgrade anything, you will have to find someplace else to play ESO. (I ultimately set up at my gfs place and occasionally on my laptop in a cafe near Uni when I could)

    Hope this helps shed some light on other peoples situations who may also be living in student housing with crappy internet:)
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