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A (semi) complete list of dailies that reward the birthday event gold jubilee boxes

ESO's third birthday event offers a jubilee reward container for each daily quest turn in. These contain some valuable crafting mats, and some super-valuable motifs, recipes and furnishing schematics. For newer players I thought it might be helpful to provide a list of where you can go to earn more if you want.


These type categorize what kind of daily it is and sharing rules, so I don't have to type it over and over, lol.

Type A: world boss. You may pick up ONE from the zone per day. However, quests can be shared to a group. You can only hold one at a time, but by group sharing as you go along you may complete each boss every day. NOTE: If you're running solo but want to do more than one, go to the boss you need and put out a polite zone text chat in the area BEFORE the battle starts. Vet players do not mind sharing. Be ready for an incoming group invite, followed by an immediate quest share and group dissolve. Make sure you are NOT grouped and do NOT have a quest of that type in your log before you ask.

Type B: delve daily. You may pick up ONE from the zone per day. Some are shareable, applying the same as the type A rules, some are not.

Type C: guild daily. You're granted one per day. These share, same as type A rules. The involve an annoying errand of some sort, but are usually short and easy.

Type D - "heists." Special instance runs with multiple mechanics at play. You can receive one per day, but you can complete multiple via group share. NOTE: these can be run together if your group enters while holding the same quest. But this can make the run harder since multiple players increase odds of being seen and flubbing the mission.

Type E: Undaunted 4-player dungeon runs, picked up at Undaunted Enclaves in capitals. Cannot may run one from each of the three quest givers daily.

List of dailies that reward gold boxes:

Daily writs

Each gives a gold box regardless of writ level. Probably the easiest, fastest way to earn.

Main Tamriel Zones

Type C: In the fighters guild, mages guild and undaunted enclave in each capital city. I think you need to be at level 45ish for undaunted, but the others should be for anyone. You can pick up one per day per guild, but you can complete more via group share.

Cyrodiil (overland)

DON'T FORGET THESE if you want gold boxes! They are "dailies" and Cyrodiil allows you to do like 50 per day! The five towns: Bruma, Cheydinnal, Cropsford, Chorrol and Vlastrus have two quest givers each. You can therefore run two at a time, turn in and immediate pick up new quests for a max of ten per town per day.

The quests are veeeeeeeeery short and sweet, "go kill a bear." You can run ten per hour, easily. I just ran one to confirm that, yes, they reward gold jubilee boxes.

Imperial City

There are dailies in each city section.


I'm too lazy to detail all of these - there are a lot. Some are group, some are solo-able. You'll find them at Shada's Tear, Elinihir (east of wayshrine), School of Warriors (sandy path wayshrine), seekers archive, Spellscar Wayshrine, Skyreach Wayshrine, Dragonstar (upstairs in Inn).


Type A: six bosses, obtained in Inn south of Shatul wayshrine.

Type B: six possible, obtained from chief in Morkul Stronghold main building.

Gold Coast

Type A: Two bosses, obtained in Kvatch traders "circle" near arena.

Type B: Two possible, obtained in Anvil inside city north of wayshrine on board.

Type D - You must complete the first two missions in Dark Brotherhood, then Teranus will offer these once per day. Completion levels the Dark Brotherhood skill line.

Hew's Bane

Type A: Two bosses, obtained outside thieves den. These randomize w delve dailies.

Type B: Two possible, obtained outside thieves den. These randomize w world boss dailies.

Type D - You must complete the first two missions in Thieves Guild, then pick up a note from Zeira near the hallway fence to talk to the dude to activate. He will then offer these once per day. Completion levels the Thieves Guild skill line.
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  • Raventh
    Thanks so much for this

    LVL47 AD-Khajiit StamBlade Ra'venth

  • Violynne
    You can also get gold boxes from doing the Mages and Fighter Guilds assigned quests (but not their story quests).

    I received a box for closing dolmens in Malabal Tor yesterday. :smile:
  • deano469
    Where do you get WB and delve dailys?
  • davey1107

    See my list. World boss is "type a" and delve is "type b". I've listed the pickup location for each zone.
  • fgoron2000
    I don't think that anything else comes even close to the crafting writs. All 6 writs can be picked up and completed in about 10-15 minutes max for a char. If you have to travel to other locations from where you made the stuff, like to Belkarth, then figure 15 minutes because of the loading screens. If you're doing all level 1's for a char, then you can craft & turn in, in the same zone, and figure 10 minutes. I'm doing this in Stonefalls, because everything is very near each other. The only crafting station that's not near the other 5 is the cooking fire at the Fish Stink, but it's near the zone 1 turn in, so it's still completely convenient & efficient. In an hour you can complete the writs on 4 chars or more, so that's 24+ gift boxes in an hour. If you go through all 12 chars, it may take 3 hours, but that's 72 gift boxes (I have it down to about 2 1/2 hours, and that includes 6 chars going to Belkarth for some top level turn-ins)...none of the other delves, dolmens, or other dailies will come close to that...just my 2 cents...

    Also, I don't believe that there's any quality difference in the gift boxes, pertaining to the level of the writ that you're doing. When the event started, my first 12 boxes from my first 2 chars were all level 1 writs, and from those 12, I got 3 rare purple motifs, plus some other halfway decent stuff as well.

    In general what I've done, is to first do all the crafting writs. That's about 60 level 1's and about 12 top level writs, for a shot at master writs as well. After that first 3 hours, I spent the rest of my playing time for the day, cherry-picking any of the guild dailies that I'd not yet done on a char, so that in addition to the gift boxes, I could also clear a set of dolmens in one zone, or another delve that I still needed the skyshard & boss. I'll usually find at least one of them undone on a char, and if not, then I just move to the next char, and find an undone daily there. I figured this was my most efficient use of time during the event.

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