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Regional Restriction - PS4 - EU

I'm an American living in Germany. A good friend is a fellow gamer and recently picked up a new PS4. I attempted to purchase ESO for him digitally, but that didn't work, so I moved to the next logical option - buying said friend the CD version and having it shipped. I shopped around on Amazon (because I had gift certificate money left over from Christmas still) but the shipping time to get it to him was going to be ridiculous - a couple of months for some reason. Being that I'm in Germany, I ended up finding the ESO: Gold disk available on (the German Amazon) and it could be to him in the continental US in a matter of days. Decision made, disk purchased and sent with the "hey it's ESO!" gift tag included.

Friend receives the package from Amazon, is pleasantly surprised at getting this game I keep raving about, and friend installs it. No problem. Because of time differences between Germany and his location in the states, we don't get to play often. Last night, however, we managed to work it out and started exploring/questing. I asked him if he'd been to Hew's Bane yet or opened up the Thieves Guild skill line. He said he hadn't, so I ported over there and told him to come to me via the group interface. He receives a message that he does not have the DLC and much purchase it. I'm thinking, "What? I sent you the GOLD version - specifically to include the DLC...if it's not going to work I could have saved $45 and just bought the cheap-o $15 version..."

So my friend pulls the disk case and is reading what he can make out (as apparently it is actually in German, which makes sense, but so much of Germany speaks English I was surprised there was no English text included). Nonetheless, he said "hold on, let me try something...there's this code...maybe that's for the other right back." A couple of minutes later he comes back and says he got an error message regarding his "region is not compatible" or something to that effect.

What can be done here? I would not have purchased him a version of the game he cannot play. It won't do ME any good since I already have the full game/DLC...

Can he "trade" his code for one that will work from his geographic location?


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