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Newbie Questions

I am very new to this game.
Recently I am leveling a nightblade and I bought a cooking recipe.
After learning the recipe (bought from a cook in the starting zone) I do not see that recipe anywhere.
I went to the craft skills and the recipe does not appear there

b) For nightblade which tree is good for leveling and which weapons are generally used ?

  • Turelus
    Welcome to the game and community vpy.

    The only way to see your recipes is to go to a cooking fire and use it.
    Here you will see options to craft any food and drinks you have if you've used ones you don't have the materials or skills to craft they may be hidden by the filters (you can uncheck these to show all recipes you know).

    As for your Nightblade ideally you're going to want to level all of your skill lines eventually as you'll be using skills from each of them here and there.
    Weapon choice is a reflection of the kind of build you want to use. The game is mainly split into four categories.

    Stamina DPS: Dual-Wield, Two Handed, Bow
    Magicka DPS: Destruction Staff
    Tanking: One Hand and S
    Healing: Restoration Staff

    Any skills which consume stamina will be boosted in power by your max stamina, weapon damage and weapon critical.
    Any skills which consume magicka will be boosted in power by your max magicka, spell damage and spell critical.
    Ultimate abilities use the highest values your character has in damage and critical.

    There are some great begginer guides out there which will help you understand the games mechanics a little more.

    MissBizz has some great begging videos on your YouTube channel you can check out when you have some free time.
    This is her playlist for beginner videos:

    Any questions just ask here no the forums and people will help you out.
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  • LMar
    After you learn the recipe you need to visit a cooking fire to be able to craft it. However you need enough passives in the recipe passives (there are two of them in the Provisioning line) to be able to craft them. You also need to have ingredients in your inventory or bank. Uncheck the "have ingredients" and "have skills" checkboxes to see all the cooking recipes you have. Also don't forget to check between the food and drink tabs.

    For nightblades, you can be either stamina or magicka. If you go for stamina make sure you use physical weapons eg dual wield and bow and put your attributes into stamina. Also make sure you morph the skills into using stamina, not magicka. For magicka most people use staves as they scale with magicka and spell damage. Make sure in this case to put your points into magicka and use magicka skills. You can of course magicka for utility spells such as crowd control eg Fear

    Edit: I see by the time I wrote this Turelus wrote a more comprehensive guide post :P
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  • Cogo
    Welcome to the game!

    What server and platform do you play on? If you are on EU-PC, I can hook you up with recipies.
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  • Asardes
    Recipes are indexed by tier. There are 6 tiers in the Recipe Improvement and 4 in the Recipe Quality. The first dictates how high is the "level" of the food/drink, and the second, how many attributes it boosts (one - green, two - blue, three - purple, more - yellow) In order to unlock those tiers you need to have skill points and leveled the skill line sufficiently. Provisioning is leveled by crafting food/drink, the higher the combined tier, the higher the experience gain. For example crafting level 40 blue food levels the skill much faster than crafting level 1 green food. The crafting interface has to tick boxes have skill and have ingredients. So what could happen is that you either don't have the respective tiers unlocked (ex. you have bought a blue recipe that requires Recipe improvement VI and Recipe Quality II) and/or you don't have the ingredients needed in your inventory.
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