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[PC][EU]Dregoneian Casual Guild now recruiting [PvP/PvE/Dungeons Events]

Soul Shriven
Hi ESO fans.

Dregoneians are now recruiting players to enjoy ESO together in a easy going and laid back social guild.

Every new player will receive a free werewolf bite when available, but if anyone is infected by a vampire prior to joining, it will be expected that the vampire member will share vampirism free with other members. This in itself hold potential for some extra events that can be arranged with in the guild.

Ranking in the guild will be decided based on how active a player is. A guild hall will be bought in the future using gold donations to the guild bank.

Suggestion in the guild is always welcome as all members are seen as leaders no matter the rank the member is holding.

If you are interested, just reply with your username or drop me an ingame private messege. @CaiBravetide.

[Guild Leader)
  • Schiep
    Whats your main alliance for PvP and how many members do you have in you guild
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