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Leveling first toon on eso

Playing a high elf magika sorc

Right now lvl 14. Using volatile familiar.
Using which ever Staff that drops and does higher dmg.
I use crystal frag morph, elemental blockade, force pulse, lightning shock (the one before liquid lightning ) and using overload as ultimate.

It just seems underwhelming right now. Am I doing things wrong? Does it get better at 15 when I get my second ability bar?

What should my rotation be at this low of lvl
FYI , all skill points into magika
  • parkham

    Underwhelming - what are your expectations? I started with a dragonknight and played it solo. It was slow and terrible because I'm not a good player (slightly less terrible now).

    I switched to a new sorcerer and it was like night and day. Melt through the enemies like they're nothing on PVE.

    If you want a challenge, go run a public dungeon solo. If that's too easy, go run Fungal Grotto I normal solo. Still too easy? Switch to Fungal Grotto II. Keep scaling up until you run Veteran Maelstrom Arena.

    Check out some builds posted on the Internet if you want a reference. Deltia and Alcast are two that I started looking at.
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  • ATEK302
    Underwhelming as in, hard to solo dungeons, don't really have an issue solo questing. I just always feel like I don't have a good rotation down.

    All the guides I find are for fully leveled characters with all the skills and passives unlocked. That doesn't really do much for me now except confuse me.
  • Nestor
    General Leveling Advice (Open Spoiler):
    First leveling character? Forget about Builds right now. No need, your handicapped anyway by the game so you are way more powerful than you need to be. Instead take advantage of this buff to properly level your character so you can be deadly when it matters later on when you are not buffed by the level scaling. In other words, you can create a rotation that makes you think your all that and a biscuit because of the scaling buffs, then get a rude awakening come Champ Ranks when you are on your own.

    In other words, right now if your wearing any gear, the mobs will die.

    1. Have one class skill on your bar at all times, swapping them out once the skill reaches Morph stage. Worry about your Morphs later.
    2. Have one weapon skill on your bar at all times, again until Morph stage
    3. Wear a mix of all 3 armor types so they all level about equally
    4. From L1 to L20, invest in attack skills and actives
    5. From L20 to L35 start investing in Passives and Support Skills
    6. From L35 to L50 start investing in Morphs (but only if all your class skills are at the Morph Stage), Passives and Crafting Skills
    7 From CP10 to CP160 try out dropped sets to see which ones fit your playstyle, don't worry about traits right now, fill in passives and actives you may have missed
    8. Grind on Dolmens to level your Fighters Guild, or find the Lore Books to level Mages Guild
    9. Do some stealing to level Legerdemain, best source for money in the game
    10. Decon every piece of gear you get that you are not going to use immediately to level equipment crafting, no need to invest skills points until Champ Ranks.

    General Combat and Gear Advice:
    Combat in this game comes down to Skill Rotations, with Light or Heavy Attacks interspersed. So, it's more like 1,2,3,4,1,2,3 dead. Pick your skill rotations so that one skill will set up or buff another skill. For example, use a skill that Snares, then a skill that gives Damage over Time to an area so the snared mobs spend longer in pain, then use a spam damage skill. This is just one example.

    Once you learn a good rotation, then you can weave in light or heavy attacks between the skills to extend the resource pool you play from. So it's more like 1, LMB, 2, LMB,3, LMB, 4, LMB, 1 Dead. Then once you learn how to weave attacks, then you can start animation canceling to up your DPS.

    So, attacks are not just a spam of the Left Mouse Button, but an application of your skills and weapon attacks.

    You add in Blocking (reduce damage), Bashing (interrupting a caster or heavy attack wind up), Dodge Rolling (double click on a WASD key to avoid damage and get out of red quickly). Throw in some terrain advantage, and your basically a Mobile, Agile and Hostile wrecking machine.

    As for Gear, well, while leveling, gear does not matter as long as you have something. It does not have to be best in slot, or even all that good. Also, we have lots of dropped set pieces so if you spend any time in a zone, you will more than likely pick up a set or two to wear. Each zone has a Magic, a Stamina and a Health or Tank set. Since everything scales, you can use this gear longer than you would think from the levels. It is only once you reach CP160 that you really want to worry about the gear, and by then you will have a good idea of what to use and where to farm for it.

    Until then, the most important thing with gear is to wear a mix of it (light/medium/heavy) so they all level up somewhat equally. Also, have one skill from each of the 3 class skill lines on your bar at all times, and at least one weapon skill. For the 5th, it can be another weapon or attack skill or a support skill or some skill you want to level.

    Power Leveling Advice without ruining the game. Caveat, you will enjoy the game the most in the long run if you just quest and take care of things as you go along. But, since the gear cap is CP160, it can be beneficial to get to that level before you quest, at least one character anyway. So, this is optional
    One thing to remember, a lot of guides are written with idea to maximize production to the Nth Degree, which can make sense when your leveling your 8th character. But it can really suck the fun out of the game on your first character worrying about it.

    Here is a better approach:

    The beauty of the game now is each zone drops a Magic Set, a Stamina Set and a Health (Tanky) Set. You can do the content in the zone and get the gear you need with some nice bonuses to help your characters. It drops in at least Green and Blue is common once you get around the 30;s. A lot of times it drops in the Training trait, but you really don't need to have every single item in Training. Just prefer it as a trait, but wear what you get. When you are done in that zone move on to the next and start replacing the gear with the stuff from that zone. You can usually go about 10 levels over the gear before it starts to get noticeable as needing to be replaced. If you get something that is higher level than your wearing, just swap it out as you go along. Again, don't worry about the traits while leveling. The game is buffing you anyway.

    As for leveling crafting, you should do that, but don't be in a hurry to invest all the skill points you need for it. You need those points for combat and defense. Just decon all the loot you have left over after selling to cover any repairs you do. Research Traits on items you think you are going to use. Then do the other traits later on.

    Let me give you an example of what I did with my last two leveling characters.

    1. I collected all the Skyshards in the zone. I avoided any and all quests other than those that show up in the delves that have skyshards. These quests do not give set items for rewards so no loss there.
    2. I would farm the dolmens a few times to get set jewelry that helped my character
    3. I would do the Public Dungeons including all the bosses
    4. Then I would move to the next zone.

    In doing this, I could fully gear up my character with level appropriate stuff, and it was helpful gear. May not have been the best, but you don't need the best while leveling. Any gear I farmed from Dolmens or PD's is repeatable, so I can get it at CP160 by just repeating. Then, I had all the content quests left for me once I reached CP160 as those can give you sweet Set Drops in good traits you want. And, Quest Experience is huge for gaining CPs once your past CP160. Kind of a waste before that.

    In about 8 zones, I would be fully leveled in Mages, Fighters, Class, 3 Armors and Weapon Skills. Leaving only Undaunted to level, although I would get to almost 3 in that from Dungeon Achievements.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • Violynne
    ATEK302 wrote: »
    Underwhelming as in, hard to solo dungeons, don't really have an issue solo questing. I just always feel like I don't have a good rotation down.
    Having played two sorcs, I can offer my advice, but please keep in mind I'm going from my play style, which you may need to adjust to meet yours.

    Find a destruction staff you like to use and stick to it. Fire/Ice/Lightning each has their pros and cons, and becoming familiar with the staff of choice is important. I use Lightning, because heavy attacks are DoT and don't require a charge time before firing. Ice and Fire require the 2-3 second charge time before they fire, leaving you vulnerable.

    Your primary attacks will always be DoT/AoE combos. Frags are okay in a pinch, but don't rely on them. The spell will drain magicka very quickly at low levels. Try changing the technique to use them as a finisher.

    For now, you'll just need to keep moving and keep your distance. Between casts, use light/heavy attacks. You should always be dealing damage as much as possible, which is why you don't want to rely on time-heavy procs or staffs at early levels.

    You should also be using Encase. Though some bosses are immune, many are not, and locking them in place is essential to allowing you to apply AoE and direct damage. Those 2-4 seconds can make a big difference.

    For those troublesome bosses, using Overload is a great way to knock 50% health off, but do not use the heavy attack with it. Instead, fire multiple light attacks. Be sure to toggle off the spell before you completely drain your Ultima. If you don't have numbers turned on, do so as this will allow you to manage your abilities better. Fire light/heavy attacks and recharge the spell, then use it again. It's a great asset, if you manage it well.

    Despite taking a bit longer and keeping your distance, you should be able to defeat any delve/quest bosses at your level using only heavy attacks. Knowing this should give you some flexibility in utilizing your spells and cast times in between.

    Public dungeons will be overwhelming at your level, but only because of the number of mobs. It's best to group/trail other players to get through them so you're not doing them solo. As you get stronger, doing public dungeons solo does get easier.

    Hope this helps and good luck out there!

  • emily3989
    You will get it. You will monkey with different abilities look up builds online etc. Keep experimenting, eventually you will get an ability bar that just feels right for you. As a solo player don't try to mimic what min-max trial people do so much.
    Thasi - V16 Magblade Vampire PC/NA
  • ATEK302
    Thank yall. Very good info
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