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Sorcerer Stun/CC Counters?

Hello people,

I'm currently rolling a Magica Sorcerer. Its currently level 40 ish and I'm really enjoying the leveling and the PVE side of things but as soon as i step into pvp things arent as great. Now as a CP 300 I do understand that PVP is a huge learning curve so i aint expecting to just face roll it.

So heres how things usually go in my Sorc pvp experience so far:

I engage > plant DoT's > Proc Crystal Frags > Repeat and execute. This is fine when its 1v1. 1v2 or more is slightly more difficult for me. What i usually try to do now is flick to my defence bar (resto Staff) shield stack and hope back up comes or a bolt out of there BUT then i get either CC/Stunned/Knocked over so i cant use my shields.

So is there anything i can do to prevent this? I was thinking maybe use shuffle but i aint that spare with my Stamina :/ Also i havent unlocked my mines yet so i was wondering how they will come into play.

This is my first full magika class so im fairly new to the meta of things. With my DK i dont have this trouble because i can just cc break until the cows come home...
  • Danksta
    You want to use immovable potions.

    Namira's Rot+Columbine+Lady's Smock= Immovabilty+spell crit+magicka
    Namira's Rot+Columbine+Blessed Thistle= Immovability+speed+stamina

    These will give you 15 seconds of CC immunity. Using tri-stat (purple) food will boost your stamina enough to give an extra break free. You can also put CPs into Tumbling under the Shadow constellation to reduce the cost of breaking free and dodge rolling.

    Another good option for potions is tri-stat potions.

    Columbine+Bugloss+Mountain Flower= Magicka+stamina+health

    Once get get enough CPs to put 120 CPs into the Lady constellation you will unlock the Unchained passive, which reduces the Stamina cost of abilities by 80% for 3 seconds after breaking free of a stun, knockdown, fear, disorient or stagger. In that case it can be beneficial for a magicka character to run Shuffle, basically getting a free cast.
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  • FlyLionel
    Daedric mines is a best defense is a great offense type of skill. Great against melee fighters; basically maneuver around them or stand in them while doing your damage. Experiment when out in Cyrodiil; it helps very much. Once you master the Cc game on your Sorcerer + shields; you can practically toy with people. Good luck.
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  • dpencil
    Groud aoes like liquid lightning and blockade of elements do not translate into PvP well. Most people aren't as stupid as npcs to just stand in your dots, and you can't always count on going against a full melee opponent. Daedric mines is a better defense against melee players anyway.

    Good players know that lots of sorcs have low stamina, so draining stamina so you can't break free is a common strategy. Options are: Tristat food, using the Serpent mundus, putting some attribute points into Stamina, using sets that give stamina bonuses, or using enchant glyphs that give stamina. If you get your stamina higher and don't waste it on roll dodging or blocking, you can break free every time you get cc'd since you'll have 7 seconds to let your stamina recover before you can be cc'd again.

    Edit: Also the CP star that reduces the cost of break free, and the stamina recovery star. You could put some points in those.
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  • Hallda12
    I may have to make these tri-stat potions that you speak of. I do have a toon with level 50 prov so shouldnt be a problem. Also ill have a look at those immovable potions.

    I really do think this is going to be the class that works for me. My DK is very much like a glass cannon. Hits like a train but cant do anything when the tables are turned.

    I feel like the sorc is a lot more balanced.
  • DRXHarbinger
    Tri stats aren't really that great for a magsorc imo. The stam return is nothing. Gets you another dodge like every 30s...

    Best thing to do is roll resto and destro. If you get a panic cast resto ulti. Anyone is a nightmare to kill with that on them. Build up a huge magika pool and don't bother to break roots etc just ward up and stand your ground and fight back and use streak to escape and stun them in the process. Or use negate it's the most under estimated ulti in pvp. No sweaty magdk will be able to harm you underneath it. Templars are so ineffective as they can't jab you. Stamina players are still a threat but they cannot use ulti whilst in it either.

    Or use overload. It's dirty but people don't tend to try and sponge it and tend to roll over the whole map to escape it buying you time. Overload, streak and curse can turn the tables pretty quick, curse up, one overload to make them dodge streak into them and try and finish them off.

    If streak decides to work for you of course.
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  • SirMewser
    As others have said you can run immovable pots, I wouldn't recommend stamina abilities that grant said immunity on a magic build as stamina is precious.

    I'll assess the Sorcerer's abilities, not assuming any sort of ignorance on your part, but to help you consider the options holistically in terms of the class. All of which are simply options.

    Your counter to CC as a sorc is to CC really;
    [Crystal Fragments]: time it right, knock them down can in turn be in your favor depending on whatever other abilities you are running.
    [Restraining Prison]: Can help slow down combat, force players to burn stamina, not the best option as some things can be immune and it costs a bit of magic.
    [Defensive Rune]: Works very well against ganking which is usually initiated by a CC attack.
    [Daedric Mines]: As others have said, maneuver around these, they last long, deal great damage, heals you (refer to the Blood Magic passive), and immobilizes enemies.
    [Negate Magic]: Removes enemies' support buffs, silences in pvp which can really turn the tables when concatenated with a CC against clusters of players, not so useful in pve as a CC because it stuns and there are so many other sources...

    You can use other entities to take CC, damage, and agro from you;
    (All sorc pets): Can ensure holding agro of at least one NPC each, in pvp players can struggle with targeting, wasting spells, I don't recommend them on console because of the countless times I use the pet command function on PC, but they sure keep players moving (disregard idiotic statements about them being "squishy", saying that actually mean "I don't know how to use pets", which is fine, however, if they did then I along with any others who rely on them wouldn't be able to take on groups solo).
    [Volatile Familiar]: DoT AoE followed by a stun, keeps players moving (or not at all when stunned).

    Counter CC by mitigation and mobility;
    [Conjured Ward](Morphs): When you get CCed or get hit by something, this will buy you time to react and resolve with little if any damages at all.
    [Bound Armor]: Can improve your barrier('s/s') strength (there are other good methods of stacking max magic, but in terms of sorcerer abilities... this is the one), the ~2% resistance can be neglected as it is only applied when the barrier is down.
    [Lightning Form](Morphs): Grand movement and ~7.5% resistance, again, resistance only applies when ward is down.
    [Bolt Escape](Morphs): Stun, teleport and stun ahead, or create a ball of light to absorb the spell projectiles.

    Remember to keep pressure...
    This is probably the hardest part about sorcerers in pvp, AoE only diverts player movement, the sorcerer abilities revolve around; AoE DoT, proc, and timed/delayed damage. If you are not applying pressure then you are most likely going to spam defence into a loophole and, inevitably, get CCed till you start pressuring, escape the situation, or die. I would look at your sources of damage with your current setup (if you stick with it) and evaluate on how you can force others to go defence so you can ease on defencive play.

    I personally run a willpower sword and shield, so weaving heavy attacks sustain my stamina and allows me to break free and do some interrupting without worrying about my small stamina pool, the 2x willpower with magic enchant gives me ~4K max magic which helps counter not using a staff (yet makes my barrier stronger).
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  • darthsithis
    Rune prison is great, stand on your own volcanic rune lol. Tristat food and tripots! Dark deal to get stam back. I replace inner light with it and do fine actually. Necropotence makes up for it really...

    If you're immobilized you can move around with streak still weirdly haha.

    Block dizzying swing
    Message me if you want to do trials/dungeons, or need a trading guild! Flawless conqueror magsorc with a bad sense of armor fashion.
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