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Constantly unable to log in characters

For the past two weeks it has been such a struggle to log in my characters just to check hireling mail. I'll log into ESO normally, select a character, start the character login process, proceed to the region load screen....then nothing for up to two minutes then the screen will go black from 10-30 seconds then flash back to the region load screen then I'm booted to the ESO login screen. This is getting really, really old. It used to take me 30 minutes to check mail on 8 characters and feed a horse on the its taking up to two hours. Two hours just to log in 9 characters Zenimax. I have no issues with the internet with any other web site or game, my roomates have no complaints of internet issues but we still restarted our modem. In ESO my guildmates also complain about being booted to the login screen when changing characters.

Here's some images...imagine how much fun it is to repeat this anywhere from 4-10 times per character for 9 characters, each attempt from start to finish taking around 5 minutes...oh wait, its not fun.




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