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[PS4/NA] Looking For Active Guild That Accepts New ESO Players.

Soul Shriven
A friend and I picked up ESO about a week ago or so. We're not 50 (yet) but are getting there. We're. both highly skilled and experienced in MMO's, so this isn't really new for us. Anyway, we just want to find a guild that doesn't look at new players as any less then they are and won't mind having us in your presence. I'm aiming for more of a PVE aspect for now but my friend will probably do everything so any type of guild is fine with us as long as it's decently active. Oh and lastly, yes, we are both 18+

Thanks for your time! PSN: ColonelAsskicker
  • Lacangel
    I will send you a psn message and invite you to the guild ^_^
  • davidcombs7
    Psn? I run a dungeon guild with 100members
  • Zenarya
    Soul Shriven
    David, sounds good. Yes PSN: ColonelAsskicker
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