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Warriors of Kynareth [NA-PS4]

Soul Shriven
The Warriors of Kynareth are recruiting. Kynareth helped to create Nirn, so it's our job to protect it!

We are a free to join, no donations asked guild. Players of all skill levels are invited and welcomed with us. Whether it's your first time playing or you have a toon in every Alliance, The Warriors of Kynareth will raise a glass with you.

We believe in helping each other to build the best characters we can, whether that means teaching you the mechanics of fighting or helping you craft the best gear for your play style. The Warriors of Kynareth Guild is a social place where you can freely ask for help, run quests, dungeons or just hang out, and do what we all love- playing ESO.

We are prepping for Trials in the near future, so if this interests you, come grow stronger with us.

We also do have a guild store, several master crafters and are always looking for more.


Hope to see you on the fields!!!!
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