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[PS4][NA] Looking for End-Game Veteran Trial Guild

Hello everyone, I am currently looking for an end-game trial guild as the title says. I have 3 years of experience on PC+ the 1-2 years of experience I have from playing on console as well. I have completed every Veteran Dungeon, including Hard Modes but I have yet to complete vMOL on Console. I main Healer but I have other roles I can play as well if need be.

- I have a Microphone and keep comms clear during fights unless I am shotcalling them myself.
- I am available in the evenings pretty much everyday from 6pm onwards

Here are my finished Console Characters:
CP: 540
- Aether, SPC, Worm, Gossamer, Healer's Habit, Twilight, Master Restoration Staff(Front Bar), Maelstrom Restoration Staff and Maelstrom Destruction Staff(Back Bar).(Need to farm Mending Jewelry in vAA)
- Sharpened Maelstrom Axe, Precise Maelstorm Dagger, Sharpened Maelstrom Bow, 5 pc TFS or TBS, 2 pc Kra'ags, 3 pc Vicious Ophidian.
- 5 pc Burning Spell Weave, 4 pc Infallible Aether, 2 pc Illambris, front bar: Infallible Aether Destro, back bar: Precise Maelstrom Inferno
- Have gear but need to max skills/undaunted, etc

thanks for the consideration,
- Kris
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