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It's the time to think on a new Character Transfer window - Between Plataforms?

Since I back to ESO on PC, I want to play on my PS4, cause the game is more fluid then my PC and because I want to keep then focused on my work. After that I talked with my fellows on the guilds and then want too, to play on PS4, then I think, what is necessary to ESO to think in a solution to fast switch the accounts or link the full account between all plataforms.. If you can't play at the same server, open a window to link the characters.. The itens are the same...

I played this game a lot of time and I don't want to go out, but will be great if we all can play at the both plataforms, if cant, the service to transfer will be paid, or some system or way to transfer the character, itens, DLCs and all things..

@ZOS_GinaBruno, make a big fan happy and say something.
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  • RomanCaesar
    I definitely would like the option to play on both my PS4 and PC with the same characters. I would have no problem with Zenimax charging me to buy both the PS4 and PC versions and making sure they are tied to the same account as a requirement. Heck, even charge $10 or whatever to let me do it. The ability to play with my CP 340, PS4 character on the PC would motivate me to play more overall.
  • Im_So_Tanked
    I doubt it. It takes hardly anytime to level on this game already.
  • Pirsius
    I don't think they will do this again.

    Probably the biggest in-game issue with this is the economies are different on each platform. Different items have different pricing points mostly due to PC being a year older than consoles. Also, the large influx of items and gold coming from PC-to-PS4 would disrupt the PS4 market.

    Granted I was part of the original Character Transfer prior to console launch, so I know they have the code for it.

    Although, they did allow items and gold to transfer originally, it didn't negatively affect to market since there wasn't one to begun with.

    The only way I see another transfer happening is if they only transfer characters, with the unlocked skills and CP; but without any obtained gold or items.
  • tourerttrwb17_ESO
    I would imagine half of ps4 population would move to pc if that was an option because of lags and other crap. Why would anyone want to do the opposite... Just hook up your pc to controller and a tv and enjoy
    PC-NA @Eon-King
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