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Nirn Raiders - Trading Guild Recruiting *Windhelm-Eastmarch*

Hi everyone!

We are looking for new members to join us.

A bit about us: Raiders is almost a year old. We have 495+ members and our trader is located in Windhelm, Eastmarch. We as a community are pretty casual and chilled. Our chat is in English and we have ts3 and a progressive ranking system. We do have weekly minimum sales of 10k requirement but it is not a difficult amount to achieve. So if you love farming, crafting and selling, no matter what your level is whether you are a new, returning or experienced players, we would love to have you in the guild. Please mail or whisper us in-game (please state Raiders in your message) and we will send you an invite. :)


@EllieBlue @EmstCntRob

Edited by EllieBlue on March 20, 2017 11:24AM
GM of Nirn Traders (PC-EU)
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