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How much data is used while playing?

Might be a bit of a strange question but I sometimes travel with work and cannot connect to hotel wifi through PS4 as requires a webpage pop up for me to enter room details, so was thinking of using my 4g data on my phone.
Does anyone know roughly how much data per hour might be used while playing as would love to be playing eso instead of being bored in a hotel room?

Best Answers

  • Da_Nutz
    Thank you both. I had heard it wasn't huge unless in pvp but was a really old post. Really good suggestions. definitely gonna try using laptop as a router. To avoid lugging PS4 with me gong to see if can take the lag of using PlayStation tv and just do simple farming. If not am happy to hear that playing via 4g is a possibility
  • Da_Nutz
    Thanks again for extra contributions. I think the 4g may end up being faster than some of the wifi speeds I've experienced so to hear will be comfortably within my 5 gig data is pleasing.

    As for question about connecting PS4 to laptop. Doesn't make wifi better but the problem with hotels I've stayed in recently you don't get the code for the wifi to put in and get connection. When you connect a pop up screen comes up asking for details and then you get access. this doesn't pop up when trying to connect to router via PS4 so can't connect as you don't have the code (might be a way round this I don't know if though) So if can authenticate laptop and hook PS4 up to laptop and not hotel wifi should bypass that pop up requirement. However i never imagined 4 hours 4g play will be within 500mb. So will just use mobile data unless away a lot
  • Cêltic421
    Ah now I see, thanks for clearing up the laptop deal.
  • Da_Nutz
    FYI for anyone interested the data used up was significantly more than I expected.
    Was surprised that game was more than playable while away in a hotel. Connected to home PS4 using PStv while in hotel room and was able to go about doing dailies and other things pretty seamlessly with a lot less lag than expected.
    However did use about 1gb data an hour and I wasn't doing doing pvp or battling things so watch the data if using 4g to play with or you could get a hefty phone bill!!
  • DPG76
    Hi , been away for a long time and moved to a place where where my internet connection sucks to play ESO as such that i have spikes of lag from time to time .
    so i've tried the mobile data tether with a 4G connection and played for about 2h30 and i was surprised to see that it only consumed 50mb !
    the game ran smoothly but i only did some pve (dailies from mages guild , fighters guild and bolgrur and the writs and an additional delve) just to test my data usage
    no voice chat i have to mention
    I'm gooing to test today the daily undaunted dungeons in addition and confirm tomorrow how much i used ,saturday i'll test a few hours of pvp >

    note : battlefield 1 used around 80 mb / hour (maybe a bit off topic but as an info)

  • RouDeR
    I will use my mobile data for 1 hour in Cyrodiil and will report the result.
    Edit : 80 mb / hour in Cyrodiil without Voice chat .
    Edited by RouDeR on April 28, 2017 10:59PM
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