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Looking for a friendly, laid back guild


Casual player who enjoys crafting and playing with other people.

I'm looking for a guild where people are friendly and don't mind helping out. No requirements even though I'm on a ton right now. Mainly looking for a guild where people don't mind talking to the new players, helping out, doesn't tolerate sensitive matters (racism, drugs, etc), and all over just friendly. Would like to find a few friends to play with in the game.

Am currently a North American player but chose the EU server at the time due to a strange sleep schedule.

On a side note, I do share my account for the time being with my fiance who plays later on during the night (will most likely know who is on due to the names of the characters being played).

Thanks in advance.
  • Malbec_Sonvida

    Have a look here -

    We have been up and running for nearly 3 years in various MMO's.

    Head to our webpage and have a nose.

    We are casual, laidback and help all members where we can.We are mainly UK and Euro members but we have some US but if your hours fit our times that is fine.

    There is banter that goes on and over the years I have been about [well from the start] I have only had to deal with 2 issues on sensitive matters and they were dealt with swiftly :)

    We just want our members to have fun and get away from real life.

    You can apply via our forum, use the web page link or click 'Join Server' on the Discord widget, which takes you straight into our #applications channel in Discord. Read the pinned message and answer a few simple question.

    Hope to see you.

    Malbec-Sonvida - Sorcerer
    Malbec-Donapaula - Dragon Knight
  • Mystics
    Hi there,

    I'm sure we "qualify" based on your post.
    Check out our thread and/or website to find out more about us.

    If interested, please sign up so I can invite you two.

    GM @Mystics = all round Guild with large player base (~475 members)
    Admin @Equalisers = PvP Guild (AD alliance)
    Admin @Dragons of the Targaryens = Trials Guild
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