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Crafter's Refuge - Sleek Creek House (Player home)

I've created a video of my homestead progress! Please check it out:

Current costs: Around 800,000 gold (including the price of the house) and 2500 crowns. All crafting stations were purchased with writ vouchers and many items were bought from achievement and luxury furnishers. I've learned a lot of the recipes myself in this process and have been able to make some of my expenses back selling blue and purple quality furniture (including that awesome tea table on the deck and divider inside the house - pm if interested and on PC/NA).
Karllotta, AD Magplar, AR 50
Kartalin, AD Stamblade, AR 35
Kharllotta, AD Stamden, AR 27
Kharinnia, AD MagDK, AR 23
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