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How long until 4 2?

Soul Shriven
A pebble is thrown at a fisherman by a river. The fisherman looks at the stone thrower.

"Let's see...

What do you have on your side? Is it truth? Are you sure?
You can't answer that question with that ego in the way, can you?

You could at least try to shrink it... then you can just ask people to watch their step as they enter and share with them.
...instead of silently watching them bludgeon themselves against your ego, ya sick phack.

We're ok with the you - just be you. Else you'll hilariously and endlessly conflict against your own inner self that you reject that you project against the world. Quit arguing with yourself.


It seems the collective is against you - I'm simply observing it. Stop assuming my motives, it keeps allowing me to dig both of us deeper into the hole. The difference is you care what they think. I don't. You won't dig yourself out and your nails are already bloody from trying.

Can't we just... play, and observe? You're getting upset at what people choose to do in a game (and I agree they are getting themselves off by spreading negativity in the world), but you're helping them by generating emotions and throwing it at them.
My mentality is simple. I am against any and all sense of elitism in either a virtual world or the real one.

If you believe yourself superior to others because of your skill in a game, or your wealth in a defined system in the world, or your artistic ability.... then I am against you - personally. We are a collective, and no one is greater than another. Why is that so hard to comprehend?
You have pointy ears and I have scales? Your skin is blue and mine is red? Who cares?
You own a multi-million dollar company and have immeasurable wealth by understanding and playing to the imperfect system put in place by those before you? Great.
What do you use it for?

You will die. So will I. Can't we just make the best of the time we have here, and work towards a better future together? Christ...
or allah, or buddha, or tom cruise, or akatosh, or talos, or vivec or whatever you believe. It's obviously all the same thing anyways"

The stone thrower returns to his village, and seeks out the fisherman again - this time with friends. Each equipped with larger stones, they creep silently through the underbrush towards the river.
Once they reach the river, the fisherman is not found.

None of them returned to the village.
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L´homme a voulu monter vers les étoiles... Écrire son histoire.. Dans le verre ou dans la pierre.
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