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Templar question

Soul Shriven
I am currently a level 30 templar which i am enjoying playing as but i cannot decide if i want to go healer or tank and so i keep switching back and forth what would be the best route to take or some pros and cons of each and as for weapons i have no idea either i have read builds that use all of them
  • Danksta
    If you want to get into raiding/trials later on you'd want to go healer with your Templar. Templars can be fine as tanks or even tank/healer combo) in dungeons, but lack the utility and ability to regen stamina while blocking compared to Dragonknights to be competitive trials tanks. For trials healing you'll want to go resto/destro and for dungeons you could do the same or go resto/DW if you want to provide a little more damage. I'd recommend going resto/destro for a beginner. For a tank SnB on both bars.
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  • davey1107
    As Danksta said, for vet trials there are some requirements for trials.

    For 99% of the rest of the content, however, it's up to you and how you like to play. For me, I don't consider my magplar healer, dps or tank. I carry around three configs for him and switch up depending on what I want to play. A year plus ago multi role play was a bit cumbersome with respecs, but experts like Alcast have started putting all Champion Points in the same lines across roles, and all attributes into the fighting resource. So by leveling up all abilities and carrying a couple sets, a character can flip roles easily.

    You sound like maybe you're asking about some of the basics on weapon/armor/skill choices. Some broad tips:

    - don't stress about setup too much. Right now focus on leveling skills and abilities and learning how they interact with one another. For example, have you learned which abilities offer major prophecy and major sorcery buffs, and are you using them? Those are the sort of concepts introduced around your level.

    - while you can switch roles easily, it's hard to flip between stamina and magic. I'm going to assume you're building a magic Templar, which is essential for healer. If you're going with a hybrid approach and investing in both stamina and magic, you might want to rethink that. Hybrids kinda stink, and require an expert to make work. For newer players, commit to one or the other.

    - as a magplar, for armor you want to level light AND heavy. You might even level all three lines as you work toward vet rank. Ultimately you'll likely be wearing a blend and spending on some passives in each line, especially if you flip between tanky and healer.

    - a magic build should level both staff types and invest in all passives. Sword and shield is also useful for times when you want to be tanky. And some builds use dual wield because it gives you extra attack power. Note that a magic build won't invest in many passives or abilities in the sword lines...just a select few.

    - there are some important skills and passives for magic toons in mages guild, level that.

    - don't neglect legerdemain, ESPECIALLY if you want to pvp. There's a passive that reduced sneak cost, which is very helpful all over but essential for magic pvpers. Investing fully requires legerdemain 16...pick a route and every once in a while go steal 100-200 items. Fence anything with value, launder groceries and mats. I like the inn complex in npcs and 175 items per trip. Doing this every once in a while will get leger up in 10-15 trips.

    - at level 30, you should be learning how gear set combos work. When you get to vet, a LOT of your power comes from using sets. Your character has 11 or 12 slots depending on weapon equipped. Vet configs maximize every slot. If you haven't transitioned to sets, now is a good time to learn the system. Julianos and Magnus Gift are two crafted sets that work great at lower levels and in might consider checking these out. Willows Path is also good for lower level play if you need regen, and especially in lower level pvp.

  • Gal
    @Berserk_Guts Roll a magicka Templar healer or dps, Templar tanks just don't work which sux bum but its what it is

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  • masterbroodub17_ESO
    So you're basically locked out of loot unless you play one build for a class? Wow.
  • parkham
    I am currently a level 30 templar which i am enjoying playing as but i cannot decide if i want to go healer or tank and so i keep switching back and forth what would be the best route to take or some pros and cons of each and as for weapons i have no idea either i have read builds that use all of them

    Personally, if you are going to group almost all the time, then focus on healing and get good at it. You'll be queued quick in dungeons. After you get loads of skill points, then branch out.

    PVE wise - Here's what I'm learning the hard way. You can do all three with a templar. What you need to do is get lots and lots of skillpoints to fill in all the passives and skills (and morphs) you need to do all three.

    Once you do that, it will be a whole cheaper to just respec a few morphs around when switching to a healer build, then a tanky build and then again to a dps build.

    Then start looking to get permanent sets that compliment your role after you hit CP160.


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