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3 Faction battle, who would win?

Tamriel is in civil-war, like it is now. 3 factions face each others, facing small Imperial resistance.

Suppose there's no faction hoppers and every faction's races are loyal to their own, so the war is full on.

Let's ditch the class-system out of this conversation and approach the racial skills with the racial passives and their natural skills throughout the TES game history.

Which faction in your opinion, would win this 3-way war and why?


Even if my loyalty lies in the Dominion, i'd say DC would beat the crap out of others. IMO they have best combination of warriors and assassins with very good spell support.
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  • Turelus
    I would say DC as well (as a Pact player).

    When running all their stories they seemed to be the most unified one with a leader (or leaders) who didn't seem to be facing issues which could break their alliances at any time.

    The Dunmer are far too stubbon to work well with the Nords and Argonians for long and I felt Ayrenn was too weak as a leader, she was too peace loving for the level of war Cyrodiil seems to see.

    That all said I did these quests over a year ago so I might be misremembering everything.
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  • Eweroun
    The thing is... the scenario goes in against every aspect of war.. there are allways traitors, manipulators and so on...

    but yeah, probably it would be daggerfall
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  • DannyLV702
    EP because we have dragons :p
  • Eweroun
    DannyLV702 wrote: »
    EP because we have dragons :p

    yeah well.. AD 'cause we have archers...
    your dragons would take an arrow into the knee :p
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  • Totalitarian
    I imagine that the Aldmeri Dominion would be nearly impossible to take out of the fight. The Altmer live on an island nation, so it'd be difficult to invade them. In addition, I would imagine that the Altmer have a huge navy to defend themselves.

    Even if the Aldmeri Dominion is unable to win the war, they can simply hold their home. And you're be surprised with how well that can work.

    From the way I see it, the Dominion would have a similar line of home defense as the UK during WWII. It'd make them nearly impossible to invade and get them out of the war.
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  • Krist
    Krist, my main, is EP, but I would have to go with the majority here and say DC, but only by a hair.

    DC, and for same reasons as everyone else, they seem to be a better combination and more geared to the war at hand. Redguard and Orcs are great warriors known for their battle skills. Redguards are tacticians. Bretons are schooled in magic and war, and Emeric is probably the smartest of the leaders as well. All groups are devoted to the Covenant.

    AD could be the strongest, but I think they have too much strife on the inside, as well as the Elvin ego seems to hamper them, and you have to take that into consideration. If the elves ever got it together, like they do in Skyrim, then you have a world with one super power, Bosmer and Khajiit not needed.

    EP has Nords, and anytime you have Nords, you have a fighting chance! I really mean that, but Nords are not famous for getting along with anyone for long. Krist is a Nord, and I love playing him, and in my humble opinion, there is no match for a well trained, battle seasoned, powerful Nord one on one, all things being equal. In the end Nords can never seem to keep it together for long, especially when pushing outside of their homeland of Skyrim. They conquer, sure, but the energy seems to get lost. Due to this it would cause the Pact to stumble. Dunmer are not diplomatic in anyway, and Argonians are, Argonians. They have a mistrust for Dunmer who enslaved them. Just not a great combo.

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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    I'm covenant through and through. But I really think the dominion would prevail in the end. They would frustrate the life out of the other two: Those sneaky Bosmer being all but invisible in the trees (or any terrain for that matter)... that would be a nightmare. Just those lorebooks in-game you can read give me shivers about how crazy fighting a bosmer would be. Not to mention a Khajiit's (in)famous ability to go here and there undetected. What one cannot see one cannot do much about.
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  • Strider_Roshin
    We already know how this war ends. EP wins, with Talos crowned emperor. AD is still kicking around in their little corner (they're like California/Quebec), and eventually they'll strike back at mankind with their oppressive elite unit of Altmer called the Thalmor (very similar to Nazis), and Tamriel will be on the brink of civil war once again.
  • Izaki
    1. Guerrilla warfare on Dominion's end (Khajiit and Bosmer) would probably be the most lethal. Altmer have their magic on point and are pretty damn smart overall so they are definitely THE most dangerous opponent. Bosmer are cannibals. So that's a big factor. What good is a Breton necromancer when there's nothing left of the body (neither Dunmer or Argonians do necromancy as that's looked down upon)?

    2. DC have the best army (Redguards and Orcs) as well as some decent magic support from Bretons.

    3. EP is the same thing Nords are great warriors, Dunmer are pretty good at everything and Argonians are kinda useless... So they don't have many magic options

    Basically, no matter how good your army is in open combat, if you get ambushed you don't have many chances left. But I reckon all 3 factions have more or less equal chances, with AD having a slight edge on the "stealth" and intelligence end.
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  • catalyst10e
    Looking at lore and history, eventually the Breton's side with the Nords, meaning at some point the Covenant and Pact break down.

    If we're talking just RIGHT NOW who would win, It'd either be DC or AD IMO. No offense to the pact, but even in their faction quest everything falls apart as far as an alliance goes. DC has the strength of bonds, the High King has marriage ties to the Redguards, and even tho the Orcs and breton's dont really get along it's not nearly as hostile as say... the argonian's and Dunmer, or the Nords and the Dunmer.... or the dunmer with everyone.

    AD has the tactics and the power. They're in a defensible position and can adapt to varying environments. Fighting them on their home field would be a nightmare. They could easily utilize guerrilla tactics, while also having a formidable standing army and navy.
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