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Coldharbour Warms Me (Hughe One Shot Story)


The winds whipped at his robes, the deep purple turning black when the shadows caught them just right. The mage paid little mind to the turbulence around him, it was just a factor of life in this land. Hughe watched the angry sky, things that resembled clouds raced by far faster than any storm clouds on Nirn. The winds carried the sounds of torture on it, if one listened well.
You cannot go there, Hughe, the being said, but not out loud. She spoke directly to his mind. There was a link between the mage and the daedra who he captured within the gold ring on his right hand.
Kmyzene, I would have thought you learned long ago not to tell me what I can and cannot do, Hughe replied in the same way. Kemyzene grew quiet then. Hughe could rouse her if he wished, but he was not in the mood to torture the captured spirit. Besides, she was not really trying to tell him what to do, she feared that Molag Bal would capture the mage, and turn Hughe into his slave. Being a lost servant of Vaermina, there was no telling what Molag Bal would do to her.
She was the least of Hughe's worries.

The serpentine creature stopped a moment, as if considering continuing the climb to the jagged ledge where Hughe stood. Hughe understood this action, he was standing there in the wide open, as if he had no care about the surroundings. No one did this in Coldharbour, except the daedra. One must always worry about their surroundings, or become a soul shriven. Not to mention the air itself could cause the demise of a mortal, but the mage had wards to protect him, as well as magic robes to warm him.
Hughe paid no mind to the stalling of the Lamia. She would continue to him, because he had something she wished.

Why would you wish speak with Mannimarco anyway? The man is treacherous, and last we saw him, he was near out of his mind with torture, Kemyzene finally said. Daedrae were amazing to Hughe, even with their mental connection Kemyzene sounded like a strong flowing stream when she spoke, if sound was even the right word in a mental connection. She was referring to when they accompanied the Mage's Guild to Coldharbour, and followed the Vestige and his companions into Heart's Grief.
Relax, I am aware that Heart's Grief is the very seat of Molag Bal's power. I am no fool, Hughe explained. Kemyzene was Hughe's servant from childhood and he could actually call on her to come forth from the ring for a short time, though she always remained bound to it. However, with his defeat at the hands of Meridia and her champion, he is weakened and needs recover. This is the perfect time.

"Queen says we owe you nothing more," the Lamia said, her eyes low as she handed the map over to the mage.
"How cheap then must her lost eggs have been," Hughe smirked, accepting the rolled paper. "Tell your queen I may call on her again, and I expect she will answer." With that, Hughe dismissed the snake creature. In truth he suspected the Lamia Queen would tell him which part of Oblivion he could go, but the thought of the anger on her face when her servant told her what Hughe said made the mage smile some.

Hughe could hear a patrol of Daedra coming, and judging from the moans and cries, they were escorting a group of mortals that they captured. He tucked the scroll into his large sleeves, and prepared a spell to remove him from the ledge. Hughe caught sight of the patrol, as they tugged collared humans behind them. The humans were stripped naked, dirty, and scraped up. No doubt they were a family, a mother and father, with three children lead along with them. The woman cried out over and over, and was only whipped more for it. The man seemed resigned to his and his families fate. Hughe could have risked trying to save them, but it was not in his best interest at this time. They could offer him nothing for it, and it would be a risk of his own safety. The magic that kept them alive in such a cold wind with no clothes on no doubt warded their rescue as well, probably killing them instant if any attempted.
You are the epitome of humanity, and a stellar example of heroism, Kemyzene said, causing Hughe to chuckle.
"Shut up," Hughe said aloud with a smile, and she had no choice, she did just that, even as the mage disappeared from the ledge.

He is crazed, Kemyzene said, looking down at the tortured Mannimarco.
The once powerful king of worms now shrieked and cried out, but would also become silent and stricken with new terror at times.
"I let you out to keep an eye on the surroundings, not study Mannimarco," Hughe said, looking to Kemyzene.
Kemyzene looked like a woman, but something about her was not human. It would drive one crazy to try and figure out what exactly it was. Her body was lean and strong, her face pretty even with strands of dark brown hair falling into her eyes, and there appeared to be no blemish to her, yet, she was somehow marred. It would drive most men crazy trying to find out why such a beautiful woman caused one to be overcome with disgust. Hughe of course had no desire to figure it out, he knew from what she came.
Kemyzene feinted being hurt, but did as she was told. She gave a pouty, lusty look to the mage, then turned and began walking the chambers.

Hughe had earlier dispatched the guards in the chambers, and Kemyzene bent and looked them over. They were other Daedra and undead, something she seldom saw since being bound to the ring on her master's finger. She was not really upset about serving the mage, something she had done since he was but a child. In fact, she was a lesser Daedra destined to always serve someone. Hughe was not so bad, and he allowed her to play her games time to time. These others were no more free than she was, and they lay dead now, or as close to dead as Daedra can come. It was not a permanent process, but a very painful and horrible process all the same. Scratching and climbing to become something again, only to be forged into a lesser state to serve another master. It was a process she did not miss.
Kemyzene looked over to Hughe, as he bent and spoke low over the other mage. She knew why he released her, and it was not to keep an eye out for him. She could do that form within the ring. She always knew her surrounding and always sensed when others were about. The mental connection was lost when she was freed from the ring. It was something she now craved, much like a skooma addict craved their skooma. She sensed Hughe may have the same issue with her, but did not know for sure.
Hughe had his secrets, even from her.

"You promised to release me," she heard the King of Worms calling to Hughe, who walked away.
"I know," Hughe said, turning from the necromancer.
"Let us leave," Hughe said to Kemyzene, extending his right hand. She felt the rush of power envelope her, even as everything grew dark once again. Yet she saw with her mind once more, and could detect what Hughe felt.
It was satisfaction.
"You promised," the screaming continued, until the mage was no longer in the chambers of the Prince of Domination and enslavement.

Hughe stood on the outskirts of the Hollow City, a smile on his face.
You are satisfied with this adventure, Kemyzene pointed out.
There are so many wonders in Oblivion, but most of all, Coldharbour has warmed my soul, Hughe thought.
What did you do, the daedra asked.
"Learned how the king of worms became the king of worms", Hughe said aloud.
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