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Infinite load screen after leaving house instance. PC/NA

No matter what house I visit whether it be my own or a guildies after I exit the house or travel to a way shrine I get stuck on an infinite loading screen. No matter how long I sit there and wait I never actually load in. This has been happening ever since housing was released. I have no other loading issues besides the housing instances.
  • Mystrius_Archaion
    Have you managed to get out somehow or characters still stuck? If still stuck request support in game.

    Also, try porting to another house or preview from the collections menu or porting to the same house you are in. Perhaps it will update the server data to recognize where you are and can exit to and let you leave.
  • Narvuntien
    I have been having this problem since homestead launched I cannot exit any of my homes via the door.
    I can wayshring port out or travel to another player however.

    I can jump to someone elses home and leave by thier door and that is what I have been doing for a month. but I picked my house because of the location it is super frustrating not being able to use my houses door.

    How do I request help in game?
  • ProfesseurFreder
    This is still an issue for me as well. There are several threads here requesting a fix or help and so far the game developers have made no comment or shown any interest in dealing with / solving this issue. ZenMax, are you out there? I love the game, especially since Housing was introduced, but this is a killer. When it happens the only way out is to force quit out of the game, relaunch and then usually pay gold to use a wayshrine. Sometimes porting to a different house works, but not always. When we're paying real-world money for our houses, we really should b able to walk out the door.
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