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Cannot Start Client following latest Patch

I normally use 64-Bit clients but they seem to be broken (both PTS and Live EU).
Using the Elder Scrolls Online Launcher (not something I normally use to access the Game) you press the PLAY button and nothing happens!
This is true for Live EU and PTS.

BTW the download seemed to fail and I had to run a rebuild and that also failed. When I restatred the Launcher it seemed to be OK except that the PLAY Button did nothing at all.


  • Lieblingsjunge
    I had the same issue after patch.

    I downloaded the patch, restarted my computer & started the client as Administrator. Worked for me.
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  • Nestor
    Since both the download and the repair failed, those need to be sorted first before you can play. Reboot your PC, try the Repair again after it comes up
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  • Malborn66
    Hello Lieblingsjunge & Nestor,

    Thanks for your advice, I am now up and running.

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