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"Honour and Pride" is looking for new members (LGBTQ+ centric Guild, EU-Server)

Everyone on the LGBTQ+(Lesbian, Gay, Bi/Pan, Trans and ***)-spectrum is welcome.
This includes mentally ill and neurodivergent LGBTQ+ People.

The Guild is still small(17 members at the point this post is made), so new members are very welcome

A Guild Tabbard is available, the next goals are to buy a Guildhouse and possibly hiring a Guild merchant after that

There is no pressure to use Voicechat like Ts or Discord, however if there might rise the need for such it can be set up

The chatlanguage is english, however, some members, me included, are not native speakers so please keep that in mind

Of course any Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism or any form of hostility against people of other sexualities and gender identities,
and any form of hostility against disabled and mentally ill people(this includes slurs like re*ard and using Autism in a demeaning way) will automatically lead to kicking out of the Guild

If you're interested and on the LGBTQ+ spectrum please send me a message ingame at Milan_Shepard(Eu-Server) , as this is the easiest way to get an invite
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