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DPS Sorc Squishy Issues

I am level 49 and I can't figure out why my health is so low and why im can't go into high level dungeons cuz I die after 2 hits from bosses. Can anyone help me maybe?

My max heath is 12k
My max magicka is 27k
Spell Resistence - 7146
Physical Resistence - 6100
My attribute points are: 61 magic, 0 health, 0 stamina (I put it all in magic since im dps)


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  • brandonv516
    My max heath is 12k

    Looks like it is 13,625 in the picture.

    Regardless, in 1 level your stats are going to change (usually for the worse). This is due to the game scaling your battle level. I know the article is out-dated but this should give you a good idea of what it means: http://esoacademy.com/faq/what-is-battle-level/

    On a side note, I would change a couple things:

    -Your mundus stone from the Ritual to something more magicka centered (i.e. Apprentice, Mage, etc.). Here are the mundus stones available: http://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Mundus+Stones

    -Your bow to a destruction staff. I don't know what you have on your back bar, but for more survivability you could use a restoration staff.

    -You could also put 2 pieces of heavy equipment on IF you want more health and resistances but this is really not necessary if you keep shields up.
    *Shields are important for Sorcerers - you have access to a class shield called Conjured Ward (http://www.esohead.com/skills/28418-conjured-ward) or you can use the light armor shield called Annulment (http://www.esohead.com/skills/29338-annulment).

    Good luck.
  • brandonv516
    I forgot to add that there are a couple other ways to get "free" health:

    Structured Entropy skill -
    Might be considered a waste for Sorcerer though.

    Sorcerer Daedric Summoning skill line -
    It promotes higher stats by including pets in your gameplay. The downside is you have to sacrifice spots on your skill bars.
  • darthsithis
    Wards and surge with aoes should keep you alive. Dps will heal you, as will slotting a pet and the corresponding passives.

    Juggernaut in heavy armor plus 2 pieces heavy will as well :)
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  • itsfatbass
    Are you using food?
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  • bryanhaas
    Run 511, make sure your armor is at your level, don't use stamina skills. A sorcerer's suitability is related to their dps generally. I have 17.5k health on mine and about 43k mag.
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  • Lukums1
    It looks as if you don't have food on.

    When you have max/max food on you should be around 17k HP.

    Undaunted will give you extra hp by equiping 1 medium, 1 heavy, rest light for your magicka sorc.

    I'd also run 1 purely health enchant gear to boost up to 17.8-18.

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