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Stam NB - Need Build Help

I have been a stamina nightblade since beta/early access/launch. One character, always a nightblade....

Since Homestead update I've been somewhat lost on where to take my NB build-wise. I know with the updates everyone is mostly vocal about magicka DK, Templar, etc.

I've done some Googling and YouTube searches and I really haven't come upon any real Homestead relevant stam NB builds. Seems a lot of the builds I am pulling up are older and not updated for the current game. Can anyone please point me in the direction of current stam NB build info? Maybe recommend me an older build with some tweaks for Homestead? I would really appreciate any help.

Stam NB
600+ CP

I play both PvP and PvE.
Goal - DPS, but I mostly play solo and require some self sustain/survivability. I gank sometimes depending on situation, BUT I am not a ganker and am not looking for a "gank build" per se. I like to get in enemies faces and fight.
  • getemshauna
    velidreth spriggan vmsa alkosh
    Founder of Call of the Undaunted
    Youtube Channel
  • Publius_Scipio
    I should have also said I'm not looking to be some meta build. I don't run trials so no maelstrom weapons.

    Basically I just want a build that is competitive for an end game stam NB in this current update.
  • shack80
    My main NB.

    CP 600
    All in stam

    Health 18k
    Stam 31k
    Mag 10k
    (with 2 stat food9

    Weapon damage ~3100 without buffs.

    Gear 5x VO (3 jewelry, chest and bracers) 5x Nightmother including 2x sharpened daggers. Maelstrom Bow.
    2x Kragh. All armour pieces divines, jewelry with weapon damage glyphs.

    My solo DPS 31k with savagery and damage boost from potions.

    Skills on front bar. Rearming trap, surprise attack, blood graze, vigor, steel tornado, flawless dawnbreaker
    Back bar. Arrow Barrage, Caltrops, siphoning attacks, relentless focus, poison injection, either bow ulti or incap

    I'm pretty satisfied with this. Could get 32k+ damage with a little more precise rotation.
  • davey1107
    One reason you aren't seeing update 13 stamblade builds is that so little changed there's not been a shift in the meta. Alcast's stamblade is still excellent...sypher's too. No particular skill got buffed or nerfed enough to change things up too much. But at alcasthq.com, he has updates his NBs for 13.

    The only real shift in builds I've noticed is a sort of consensus around CP allocation for stamblades. There used to be more diversity, but with testing and trial and error most builds I'm seeing have shifted solidly to a setup like:

    Red: 100 hardy, 100 elemental defend
    Green: 100 stam regen, 100 stam cost reduction
    Blue: 100 mighty, 65 thaumaturge, 35 precise strikes (this is where there's been a somewhat significant shift, since precise used to be more in favor).
  • FlyLionel
    @Publius_Scipio In the same boat dude, everyone is changing as stam nb is in the same spot just getting poked at with small nerfs. All I can really say is say goodbye to using regen drinks, you dont need it ever. But Morrowind is coming up so that might change (nerf to all resources in cp). Maybe you can reminisce the old stam nb feel by using bone pirates when using one of those drinks that give max health and regen to whatever resource you want ;) and obviously you would need health so go 5-1-1 with clever alchemist? As an imperial you will be good on health and regen my dude; with a setup like that. Plus the damage is good. Anyways bone pirate is a throwback set, makes you feel like using a drink is viable again lol..Good luck.
    The Flyers
  • Publius_Scipio
    Thanks everyone. But it seems right now in ESO it's not "the stam NB's best day". Maybe it wasn't nerfed into oblivion, but with all the other tweaks and massages the other classes have received, stam NB just doesn't feel "right" in a sense.

    I will see what Morrowind brings.
    Edited by Publius_Scipio on March 18, 2017 3:23PM
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