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Invitation for Role-Players to Role-Play on the NA server.

Greetings to the EU server players,

I do realize the oddity and strangeness of my proposition, but as it seems that Role-Play is rather scare on both the NA and EU servers of the PS4 variation of ESO, I am hoping we can all gather in one server -if only for role-playing.

I would like to extend and invitation to any and all role-players whom would be interested in undertaking this endeavor. It can be assuned that one would need to create a new character upon the NA server, but this character would only be serving a role-playing purpose and nothing else -unless you decide to pursue it further.

Again, I realize the oddity and strangeness of this request, but I am hoping to unite and connect role-players with role-playing.

People to contact for questions and/or concerns.

PSN: Jarnkoldur
PSN: Wolfsong-92

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