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We're at war soldier!

But none of my characters seem to fit the military norm. This is just an observation, but I find myself in dialogs with sergeant numbnut and corporal calamity and yelling at the screen that I've no intention of dying for your benefit. Anyone else feel the same? I still do the quests but I don't feel part of the army. More an outsider.
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  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    I know the problem, having a thief as a main, and a Priest Templar as an alt, I cannot see my characters fighting in the war.

    My thief wouldn't see how it benefits him and my Priest knows that the real danger is not the other alliances...
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  • menedhyn
    All but one of my characters feel ambivalent about the war and fighting in general. The one who is prepared to fight is doing so because of a deep distrust of Mer, and not because of some allegiance to a banner or 'leader'.
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  • Stania
    My character is more of a "blade for hire" who doesn't care much about war besides the toll that is taking on innocent people. He helps with war missions if a good reward is involved and if they don't enter in conflict with his moral principles. I don't see him as the "King's arrow" or any fancy title that the alliance war NPC's give him. He's just someone who needs money, walks by the nearest camp and ask if they need something to be done or someone to be rescued or killed.
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  • Daimmyo
    I'm a DC field operative/spy and along the way pharmaceutical trafficker - it's in my role to see/hear things for my self.

    Currently I'm helping AD to get rid of the Veils, and help improve that empire for future diplomatic efforts, hopefully. If not, doing favor to Khajits, partially to Wood Elf seems like a good option to weaken the AD and pull the plug if required.

  • scorpiodog
    All my characters are just badasses who help or don't help as the fancy strikes them, even moreso after the main quest line is finished. I mean you hang with Meridia, defeated Molag Baal, solved several regional conflicts, are buddy buddy with the leaders of the Mages, Fighters Guilds, are Thieves Guild, on friendly terms with Sheogorath and any number of other Divine beigns such as Almalexia, etc.

    "Oh, you need my help with some Daedric Lord or some thing like that? Meh, I go nothing better to do right now so sure." Oh, 130 gold reward? How cute. I can make 6,000 gold in 15 minutes but I'll accept your paltry contribution so you can feel better about accepting my aid.
  • RebornV3x
    I like to think of my character as a mercenary as long as the AP/Gold is there I continue to fight but I do the occasional quest when I get bored.
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  • Krist
    Good observation. I play several characters, kind of an alt-a-holic, so reaching end game for me is near impossible. As soon as I get close, there is more....and I like it like that. However, I do have 3 over 50 and I am reaching the end of the Champion Point ride at 600. Only took me 5 years. All of this to say that I am not ready to do the main quests again, and probably will not unless I wish the character to max the soul ...whatever it is called....line.

    All of this to say that unless there are certain things you want from doing the main, you can skip it. There are plenty of skyshards out there to get plenty of skill points, and you can pick and choose the quests you wish do. Now keep in mind that main quests offer alot of experience, but it is very doable to skip.

    I do understand the militant feel of so much of it though, because that is where Tamriel is at right now. Locked in a 3 faction war that effects everything. Saying no to the militant ops can be part of what makes your character unique.
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  • Rickter
    the *Alliances* are at war. your character does not have to be. you can forge your own path and befriend people outside your faction.
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