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idea for a weekend-campaign on PC-EU

With two cp-campaigns closed since Homestead, queueing for Cyrodiil has become a terror of its own on weekends. Even at 11 AM you already are stuck in a 40-50 ppl queue, during primetime it's 100+ and almost not moving at all. When you're sitting in a loading screen that lasts longer than 20 seconds, group members advise you to instantly crash the game and restart because waiting too long would kick you out of cyro and you'd end up in a queue that will not let you back in again.

So ... why not installing a PVP campaign that is designed for weekends only? Opening Friday noon, closing Sunday night, taking the weekend strain away from players and servers? On top, it would give players who cannot play 24/7 a good reason to go for a good ranking, even for emp if they have a free weekend.
  • t3hdubzy
    I like this idea A LOT.
  • Turelus
    That's an interesting idea. I wonder how feasible it would be for them to implement.

    +1 awesome either way OP.
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  • Schnurrer
    up you go

  • Cogo
    I have Questions:
    1. Open when on friday? Europe has several time zones and people don't play at the same time or day.
    2. Why would an own "server" fix any lag on primetime? 20:00 - 22:00 everyone lags. It's server lag and effects everyone, everywhere (Even small Kajiits in empty zones)
    3. What Que time are you talking about? The 5 - max 10 mins it takes you to get in Cyro if its full?
    4. When do you want to close on sunday night? Midnight my time? Or 23:00 your time cause you go to bed then? Or 4 am Big Boss time so you get "nightcaped"?
    5. Is the only reason why you want this weekend only server, is because you get owned a lot and even your guildies told you to stop blaming other people for your fail?

    Best Regards and Hugs
    Edited by Cogo on February 20, 2017 2:19PM
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  • prootch
    Just relog into your previous faction instead of flocking in the ad blob... dc for example never has 100+ in queue :smile: or... just log on haderus... yeah there is actually another campaign than tf :dizzy:
    Edited by prootch on February 20, 2017 3:04PM
  • visionality
    Hey everybody and thanks for the feedback. So many questions, so ...

    1+4) I dont really mind when the server would open on Friday - somewhen during noon or afternoon GMT I guess, if it's supposed to be a real weekend campain. Same about the closing time. I guess Zenimax knows best when ppl start logging in and out, that's the times I would choose.

    2) This is not about lag, its about more ppl wanting to PVP on weekends with only 2 cp-campaigns available. Also I find the idea of a "weekend campaign" quite nice personally because it gives you something you can fully participate in while still having a real life during the week :smile: Might also attract guilds to go for "their" weekend campaign.

    3) I had to sit in a queue for 1.2 hours on Sunday for Trueflame.

    5) Hm, my alliance (DC) had emp on Sunday. So I would be hard pressed to get blamed for any fail :wink: And no, it's not about morning capping. I even feel a teeny-weeny bit of admiration for the ppl who log in every morning to take empty keeps and ressources.

    @prootch: I AM playing DC, was standing right beside you several times yesterday. :blush: And yes, there is Haderus, but I'm not very interested in AP farming at Bleakers. Also I wouldn't give up Trueflame for Haderus cause it's pretty much empty during the week.
  • prootch
    Just joking :) still... complaining about queue with an empty campaign makes me think people just like to stack. Then it's not unreasonable to go for a populated campaign to get max fights. Your proposal would certainly interest people who can play mainly on week ends and spread population on a second camp. Could give it a try.
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