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In Search of Trials Guild as well as Recruiting for My Guild

I have one extra slot open at the moment for another PVE/Trials guild if anyone is recruiting.

I'm also trying to build up my guild, so if anyone would like an invite just let me know. New and Inexperienced players are welcome. I do have a discord server for my guild. Anyone interested message me on here or on PSN - chaos0720
  • Cêltic421
    Visions is a small guild. Currently 33 players and will stay small for the foreseeable future. No more than 50 members. We are PvE focused from quest to trials and everything in between. We run trials Thursday 8pm EST Saturday 2pm EST and Sunday at 4pm EST. More times will be added as interest grows. We make leaderboards often, going for out 5th straight weeks if we make it this week. We are looking for active, sociable players that are willing to help out their fellow guildmates. We need players that wants to help each other. We need players that are sociable to make guild chat come alive. We also use the app BAND for everything guild related. Message me if interested. PSN CelticDude421
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