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[Legio Luporum Lore] Judgment at Bordahimmin I

Jan 27, 2017 6:06PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The encampment was located at the base of a stone wall which created one of the myriad roots of the nearby mountain -Bordahimmin. It was cold. Although it was late Morning Star winter still reigned over Tamriel with an iron-fist and it appeared that this year it would not relinquish it's grip easily. Add to this the location of the encampment which was within close proximity to Bordahimmin, it made the air all the more bitter.
It was cold!
The men and women of the Luporum legion consider their decision and felt the pangs of regret best within their hearts. Yet, as they huddled for wamrtb by the several fires scattered about the encampment, they would see a mirthful Two Grave Tongue walk from amongst the soldiers. He would greet the soldiers by name, ask them simple question, make a few jests, and offer some bottles Arenthian Brandy. Overall his actions did little to appreciate their current situation all the more, but it did lift their spirits even if for a moment.

Jan 27, 2017 6:10PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

A nearby fire sits empty as the soldiers who had sat their previously were set to do perimeter duties. Two Grave Tongue found himself wandering over to this lonesome fire and quietly attending to it. He fed the flames some chunks of wood which was hidden nearby underneath a blanket and sat to gather it's warmth. A clamor of crackling and popping sang forth the fire as it hungrily devoured the dried wood. Two Grave Tongue took a swig from his bottle and stayed gazing into the fire as though mesmerized.


Feb 3, 2017 1:08AM:Syvarris Mithreir:

Syvarris could see the fires of the Legio Luporum strewn about the base of the mountain. He looked down to his wife's amulet and clutched it tightly. " I will avenge you, Anathiel. Your soul will rest. The Empire has failed us. Our only hope lies in the hands of this Legio Luporum." As he drew closer, he could hear the voices of his future allies as they gathered among the fires; however, there was one who sat alone: an argonian man sipping from a bottle. Taking a deep breath, Syvarris entered the flickering, amber light and removed his hood. "Another wolf answers the call."


Feb 3, 2017 9:27AM:Rolund The SongSayer:

Rolund sits nestled in some trees a few hundred yards away from the fires. The frost biting snow stings his raw red eyes. With each pluck of his lute, another tear runs down his face. In his mind, throughout all the pain, he looks for words to sing about.
"Oh Sosia, I'm so sorry.... I'm so so sorry." Another loud weeps escapes him. "One day, we will be joined once more."


Feb 3, 2017 9:27AM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The stillness of the world was disturbed by the crunching noise of boots digging deep into the fresh snow. The stranger's approach was announced without the stranger ever announcing himself. Two Grave Tongue noted the approach, but did little to awknowledge it. If it was the Empire, they would have been logical to put the encounter in their favor: either an overwhelming force or a handful of assassins. Either way they would have been disposed of easily. This stranger though did not meet either of those criteria.

**"Another wolf answers the call!"** The stranger spoke as he pulled back the hood of his cloak.

...Another wolf answers the call... The phrase bit at the argonian. The weight those words carried burdened Two Grave Tongue. This place this situation isn't where he wanted to be. He wanted to be within the confines of his beloved Empire.

The argonian took another swig from his bottle, leaned back to face the stranger and shoved the bottle in the stranger's direction. He motioned for the stranger to partake of the bottle.

"And the legion claims another soul for damnation." Two Grave Tongue stated. The stranger glanced at him quizzically. At this the argonian corrected himself. "My apologies..." The argonian stood, the furs covering his armor shifting about as he tensed his frame. The argoniab brought himself to a saluting stance. "Two Grave Tongue, tessarius of the seventh legion, ally of the Golden Lion Legate Naeveus, proud servant of the Ruby Throne, and if the lady of fortune should favor my ambition, redeemer of the Empire!"


Feb 3, 2017 1:59PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

The weary traveller, humbled by the offer raised a hand, politely refusing the bottle. "I am Syvarris Mithreir," he paused and finished his half hearted salute, "what has happened to the Empire?" Syvarris fought tears. "Ive lost everything to those I once called brother and sister."


Feb 3, 2017 2:39PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The man that stood before the argonian claimed a defeated gaze. He looked as though tears would spill at any moment if he yielded but a little in his struggle to maintain them held back.

Two Grave Tongue sat back down near the fire and clutched the bottle tightly. His gaze loomed upon the dancing fire which burned heedless of their plight. "What hadn't happened, would be the more appropriate question. Fell intentions and fell summonings brought forth a plague of daedric forces into the Imperial City. Within the wake of the Oblivion rift appearing above the White Gold Tower and after the hellish anchors fell from that blighted hole and pierced the earth throughout the Imeprial Districts, calamity and chaos claimed dominance.

"Throughout the Imperial City, the streets were tarnished in the blood of the innocent..." The argonian considered the imagery he was attempting to describe, but hesistated in continuing. The memories were still to real.
"The legions at first attempted to resist, but when the Emperor's Legion, bore their weapons against us we realized that we had been betrayed. They became the Zero Legion and yielded to allying themselves with daedras." A silence, broken ever so by the crackles of wood burning, fell between the two men.

"Those of us whom opposed were either sacrificed to the daedric forces or just plainly just killed outright. Death was the better of either outcome." Two Grave Tongue stated. He brought the bottle to his reptilian lips and suffered another swig of Arethian Brandy. One bottle wouldn't be sufficient to drown out his memories.


Feb 3, 2017 3:24PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

Syvarris sat, setting down his pack and shield. He scanned the mountainside upon which they gathered. "We are so few," he said solemnly. "Though I must admit I do not find this surprising. My wife served with me during this awful campaign. She was with me when the anchors fell. Taken." Syvarris stopped as he felt sorrow wash over him yet again. He stared once more at his beloved wife's amulet, "This is an age of shadow and hate, let us be sure that we avenge the fallen and punish those who have betrayed our Empire."


Feb 3, 2017 4:31PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The argonian chuckled. It was unintentional and it definitely was not meant to be directed at Syvarris, but disappointingly it could have been interpreted as such. The argonian looked up at Syvarris, "The fallen and the those requiring "punhisment" can be entertained at a later date friend, we need to first and foremost tend to ourselves and those whom depend upon us now. Half are miserable, half are starving and all are freezing. No friend, we need to belay those suggestions for the time being and focus our efforts upon our survival." Two Grave Tongue took another drink from the amber bottle of the harsh, yet sweetened brew. "Wait, what regiment did you serve in and how did you hear about us?" Two Grave Tongue asked shooting Syvarris a quizzical stare.


Feb 3, 2017 5:49PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

"7th legion as well. Word had been passed on to my wife during a scouting mission about a group devoted to preserving the empire. We had been hoping for a way out. That company was distasteful. I mean no offense to you, brother, but Septima's orders were brutal."


Feb 3, 2017 6:34PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

"As for your slight against the Magus Regent Empress, I take no offense," the argonian responded with what would be considered a smile for an argonian breaking upon his face. "7th legion..." began the argonian, but in the passing moment he became silent and the quiet smile he possessed faded quickly as a look of sadness and horror over him.
"Magus Regent Empress Tharn was as kind and as approachable as a half-rabid cave troll!" Two Grave Tongue commented. No man or woman desired to be placed within the 7th legiom. Stories abounded of Magus Regent Empress Tharn'a cruelty and mistreatment of others. It was a well-guarded rumor that most thought she was spewed forth rom the loins of the deadric prince Mehrunes Dagon.

Lady Fortune turned a blind eye to Two Grave Tongue when he was promoted to Tessarius of the 7th legion.


Feb 4, 2017 3:53PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

Little known to the two men he was watching, there was an Orc silently observing this particular conversation. "These two... why are they so upset about losing their beloved legion? It was corrupt from the beginning... but perhaps I shouldn't say such things..." He had thought about it some more. For being an Orc, he was quite sensible, but also quite bitter. Not so long ago, the Legion saved him and his family from a small force of Bloodthorne assassins. It wasn't easy to admit to himself that no matter how much he preferred the ways of old, he must repay his debt. He knew he couldn't do it alone, especially with the Daedric uprising in Cyrodiil preventing him from joining the main Legion force. After thinking about these things, he made his decision. Laguug stood up from his hiding spot and began to walk towards the Legio Luporum encampment. Upon reaching the inside, he stood behind the Argonian, waiting for the ongoing conversation to end...


Feb 4, 2017 3:54PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Little bit."
His mother's words beckoned to him... "Have patience... just a little longer..."


Feb 4, 2017 4:47PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

Syvarris, saying nothing looked up at the orc who stood ominously behind two-tongue. His senses were sharper than most.


Feb 4, 2017 4:56PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Is something the matter? Do I have mutton left on my face?" Laguug smiled, but when the men before him failed to do the same, he bowed his head and apologized. "I didn't mean to offend you. I was actually looking to bring humor to our little situation here, but..." the Orc trailed off into thought. He suddenly stood upright in a proud manner. "I am looking for Two-Grave-Tongue. I hear that he is the leader of this group, and I must speak with him." Though this Orc was quite young, he tried his best to show his bravado and masculinity. He was quite sure however, that he had eliminated any chances of getting to join the group after his terrible attempt at humor.


Feb 4, 2017 5:15PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

"Two Grave Tongue eh?" Two Grave Tongue questioned. Once again, the crunching sounds of footsteps within the snow alerted the seasoned soldier to the advance of another individual. Without even turning to face whomever the stranger was the argonian continued the conversation, "If your seeking that misreable lout, your quest is complete. What can I do for you?"


Feb 4, 2017 5:24PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

The Orc was very surprised at this Argonian's reaction. Laguug had been quite rude, and had yet made another bad impression. Except this time, it was on the leader of the Legio Luporum. By the Nine, had he been subconsciously asking to fail? His stance had faltered a slight bit. "Yes, sir, I was looking to join your group... I am a capable warrior. I am learning the smithing trade, as well, and I feel that I could help you in your travels. I may look inexperienced, but my father was a great warrior, almost as great as Malaga the himself, as my mother used to tell me. He taught me everything I know." In his head, Laguug thought he sounded quite confident and sure of himself, but in reality it was quite the opposite. His mother would shame him for this behavior. It was getting rather cold, despite the nearby fire. Maybe that was in his head, too?


Feb 5, 2017 11:30AM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The request was sincere. Yet, the timing was horrible. Had this Laguug -an orc- had requested entry into the legions of the Empire, before all that had occurred, before the event of the Soul Burst, the Empire would have been more than estatic to oblige.

Yet, this wasn't those times before.

And Two Grave Tongue wasn’t the cumulative authorization or representative of all that represented the Empire. He was just an argonian longing to return the world to the normalcy it once understood before.

"Laguug," he began, once again distracted and peering into the flames which danced merrily engorging itself upon the wood which was presented to it as a meal, "Your presence here deems you courage enough that Malaga himself -or herself, as I have difficulty discerning sex from orsimer naming conventions- have been proud. Yet, go home son.

We aren't a legion of Imperial soldiers bravely baring our pride for an Empire we adore upon our shoulders or within our hearts. We are just men and women, whom broken from an illusion, gather together asking "why" as we wait for the world to burn and us with it as well."

"Go home son." He finished solemnly.


Feb 5, 2017 11:41AM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

Laguug was furious, but tried to hold in his temper. "I owe the Empire a great debt, and I know that this is how I must repay it. On the outside I may appear sheepish, and maybe dimwitted, but on the inside I am a warrior with a heart of iron! And if you are simply waiting for this world to burn, then you have no right to call yourself a man of the Empire!" Laguug went silent for a brief moment, and saw the fury in the Argonian's eyes. "I did not mean to offend you, sir, but deep in your heart, you know I speak at least some manner of truth." Laguug had started to calm down, but he wasn't so sure about the soldier in front of him. In all truth, Laguug was fearful that this Argonian would strike him down any time now, but no... he was simply in a silent fury. This man was quite odd, and yet, for some reason, Laguug felt compelled to be a warrior at his side, striking down man and beast alike.


Feb 5, 2017 12:43PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

Another time. Had it been another time, Two Grave Tongue would have extracted some form of an apology from the orsimer for his lack of proprietary and respect. The orc was indeed just a simple citizen of the Empire and the argonian was a soldier. Yet, these were different times.

The argonian stood, the furs upon him shifting, until one could easily see the polished if not dented imperial armor beneath. Two Grave Tongue turned to the orc. "Orsimer, you want to do right for the Empire. The question is what Empire do you want to square yourself with? " The argonian suffered another swallow of the Arenthian Brandy. The argonian than thrusted the bottle in the direction of the orsimer.

"As I said son, this is an encampment of broken men and women. We are living on borrowed time awaiting the tightening of the noose until the False Empire decrees to pull."

"You should consider going home son."


Feb 5, 2017 12:54PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

Puzzled and angry, the Orc gave in. Without a word, he turned away from the Argonian, and started the trek to the wilderness of Glenumbra, where his burned down home awaited him.
Feb 5, 2017 1:28PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:Suddenly, he stopped. He marched up to Two-Grave-Tongue in a very brisk manner. "I will not take no for an answer. I will die before I let anything get between me and my debt. If you are defeated, then so be it. But I am not so sullen as to give up before I've had my chance to fight. I will join you, even if I am not invited to sit by you at the fire. I will March on with you, even if I have no place. You can not, and will not stop me from doing so. Rise up, and be a man, Argonian! Let us take the fight to THEM!" There was no fury in his voice, but only courage. He had not felt so great in a long time. No longer would he allow himself to be pushed around like that. He was standing as straight up as possible, and he was looking the Argonian in the eyes. All was still.


Feb 5, 2017 1:51PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

Snow listlessly fell between those gathered at the fire. The horizon and the heavens were bleak and grey, but it wasn't a disheartening sight, but rather serene and calming.

The argonian once again shoved the bottle in the direction of the orc. "Drink, you must be freezing." The orsimer, perhaps confused, perhaps a little proud that the events went in a fashion of which emboldened him, took the bottle from the argonian.
Two Grave Tongue, bearing what would be considered a smirk for an argonian, turned once more and made his way to the place he had been sitting before the fire.

"We are broken, Laguug, we are broken but not defeated. Our plot, as simple as it may seem, is to restore the Empire to its former glory and to that end we shall do all that we can. Yet, for now we bide our time and await till the whimsical nature of fortune favors us."

"Lugoog child of the Orsimer, sit near the fire, warm yourself, and consider yourself found among good company."


Feb 5, 2017 2:25PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

Laguug gladly took the bottle, and tried a swig. It was the first time he had ever drank an alcoholic beverage, and to say the least, he found it rather pleasant. He took a seat at the fire, and warmed himself next to the Argonian. This particular Argonian was an odd one indeed, but Laguug didn't judge. He did question whether his rejections were but tests of his mental endurance, but quickly pushed that aside and handed the bottle to back to Two-Grave-Tongue, who seemed to be having a rough day as it was. "So, what's your story?" He asked Two-Grave as casually as possible.


Feb 5, 2017 4:34PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

Laguug's words ill resonanted with the argonian, yet Two Grave Tongue remained composed and demonstrated no signs of discomfort to the orc's question.

*"So, what's your story?"* The question bounced about within his thoughts.
In the darkness of his thoughts he answered:
Where would you like me to begin? I am an abomination of an argonian. One born away from the influences of Hist. A lukilu.
Removed of my parents when I was young by a wandering horde of Reachmen, I was bound into slavery and made to suffer in ways unimaginable. Fortune smiled and I escaped. Yet fortune is fickle and I escaped one master inexchange for another. In a golden harvest field I was overcome by a host of Imperials and enslaved once more. The next years of my life I would be ridiculed and scorned coming to learn to hate the very flesh and born which bore my being. Yet, my spirit would not be broken.
Fortune smiled once again.

An Imperial, a man by the rank and name of, Captain Naevius, the Red Lion, bestowed upon me the chance to "serve" the Empire by being within Imperial Legion. Lacking any venerable reason as to why I shouldn't I took his offer and served the Empire. Ironic a slave soon found himself becoming a soldier within the Imperial Legion, Fortune is a devious mistress.
I am proud of what I had accomplished within the legion...

But good things don't last forever.

The Soulburst shook the Empire, the daedra appeared in swarm and the Imperial City collapsed into chaos. The Red Lion was stolen into the abyss of Oblivion, hope for the future of the Empire diminished.
I, disillusioned by what the Empire had become, turned traitor and abandoned the 7th Legion. Others followed suit. Magus Regent Empress Tharn would not suffer this slight and her scorn pursues us even now, seeking a painful punishment for our actions. All the while, most of us suffer within the shadows of Bordahimmin, as we await for word from the Covenant and King Emeric upon whether we can find haven within their lands if even momentarily.

Thus in response to your question orc...

"I am just a soldier. A simple foolish soldier." Two Grave Tongue responded with some humor upon this tone.


Feb 5, 2017 5:11PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

"These soldiers, two tongue, are the Empire's only hope now. And you are not alone in this. This group of fools will show the Captain of Corruption that fouling up our Empire will not go unpunished."


Feb 5, 2017 6:25PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

"A brave sentiment and one that stirs hope within my heart, but it shall not be easy." The argonian turned his reptilian head in the direction of the rest of the encampment. "Those men and women you see there are suffering beyond measure, their strength, devotion and hope falters and diminishes with each passing hour. We shall need supplies, resources and allies if we are to accomplish the impossible. And accomplish the impossible is what we intend to do." He turned back and looked at the flames once more, quietly content with the warmth the fire emits. "What we do at this very moment now is wait."


Feb 5, 2017 10:51PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"A simple response to an equally simple question, I suppose" said Laguug. He was not content with that answer, but it wasn't his place to pry, so he left it at that. He stared at the fire for a few moments, and looked to the man who spoke just before Two-Grave-Tongue. "And who might you be, friend?" He asked. Laguug was somewhat worried that he was being too interrogative, but it was too late now. The question had already been asked. In anticipation of an answer, he began to worry about the telling of his own story. It pained him to talk about it. But by whatever honor he still had, he would be willing to tell it if he were asked.


Feb 5, 2017 11:01PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

"Syvarris Mithreir, son of Ilenia and Torik Mithreir," he said as he placed the amulet he had been clutching around his neck. For a moment it was visible to all before he tucked it away beneath his collar: an ornate, silver charm of two dragons entwined around three sapphires.


Feb 5, 2017 11:10PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

Laguug noticed the necklace. He was curious about it. "What is that? I've never seen anything quite like it before." He wanted to touch it, but he restrained himself. Laguug had always found himself fixed to the shinier things of the world. Especially gold. If there was one thing he loved second to his mother, it was gold. And the sapphires on that necklace would be worth more than I could count he thought. But he quickly pushed the thought away. Mercenary work was second nature to him, but thievery? Had he really ever considered it? Would his armor make too much noise? He pushed the thoughts from his head and fixed his eyes on Syvarris'. "What did you do before all this, Syvarris?"


Feb 5, 2017 11:30PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

Syvarris, glared at the orc unintentionally. "In my family, we give our spouses these amulets. I lost Anathiel not long ago..." Syvarris held back any signs of sadness. "A priestess of Mara had just told us that we were with child." He paused. "As for what I did, I served in the legion. But I'd prefer not to continue, tell me about you, child of Orsinium."


Feb 6, 2017 2:47AM:Do'Shara:

A Khajiit wandered through the encampment, picking her way carefully. She would stop every now and then, and jot down a few notes in a small leather-bound journal that she carried, frowning occasionally as she did so. Their current situation did not look too kindly on this...these remnants of a broken legion... A broken Empire. These men and women broken with all that had occurred. Yes, things certainly looked grim. The Khajiit glanced at her notes. Food and supplies were a concern. Morale was low, and it did not help that they were lacking in creature comforts. And with the cold and snow, adequate shelter was desperately needed. There were already a couple complaints of frostbite - caught early enough, thankfully.
How much longer could they hope to survive out here?
The striped feline made a few last notes before tucking the small book away and continuing on.


Feb 6, 2017 9:16AM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Ain't much to tell," the young Orc began. "I guess I should start out by saying that I wasn't raised like most other Orcs. No, unlike them I was taught about compassion, and forgiving your enemy. Even my father, who I'm convinced was the greatest swordsman in all of Tamriel, tried to teach me these things. One night, while I was studying, there was a knock on our cottage door. I was not more than five years old then, if I recall. My father answered it, and no sooner than he did, this man started beating him down with a wooden staff. Two more men came in and restrained me and my mother... forced us to watch..." the Orc could barely continue. "They killed my father and told us we were next if we told them that they couldn't take my da's corpse. Mother gave in, hoping to protect me. After they left, my mother started packing her things and took me with her to a small cottage in eastern Glenumbra. I was there for ten years until one night, when the same men came to our house and started to burn it down. My mother began to fend off the men, but she was incinerated...." He was holding back tears now. "If it weren't for a passing group of Legionnaires, I may have suffered the same fate.." Laguug did everything in his power to fight the tears. Bringing back that old memory made him relive the entire scene.


Scene Update
Feb 6, 2017 9:17AM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

He stumbled with a fuss and fell into the snow. He cursed his fortune.

*I must get up! I must get up!* He kept repeating to himself internally. Yet, his body was sore and weary and it did not heed his commands as lucidly as he demanded.

He awkwardly lifted himself up and when he stood, hunched over, he paused only to notice the plume of smoke which emerged from him with every breath he engulfed.

"I have to... I have to..." The man kept repeating over-and-over until it became nothing more than an incoherent mumble.

He began once more towards the encampment. His body was wrecked with pain from the strain of forcing himself for such a time, but it couldn't be helped. He had to warn the encampment. He had to warn them that he had witnessed the banners and flags of Imperial forces gathering at the edge of the roots of Bordahimmin. They were coming.


Two Grave Tongue had begun to recite a rather humorous -if not distatseful- joke about a Nord, a troll and a goat when from towards the center of the camp erupted a commotion. Turning to face the direction of the clamor, his voice fell silent, as he heard the cry,

"They found us! They found us! A legion is here!"


Feb 6, 2017 9:20AM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Good. Something to keep me occupied" said Laguug, standing up and drawing his sword and shield. He was ready, and he felt the bloodlust coming about him.


Feb 6, 2017 3:41PM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

Two Grave Tongue, hastily flung himself in the direction of the central portion of the encampment -where most had gathered around the runner. A clamor rose about him as people began to voice their fears.

What shall we do? Can
we escape? Will they demonstrate mercy and spare our lives?

The argonian broke through the crowd and knelt by the weary soldier grabbing him by the shoulders. "Tell me everything!" Was all that was stated, yet the words, although soft, bore unimaginable urgency. The soldier, staring at Two Grave Tongue in a mixture of fear and awe, attempted to speak, but all that was issued out was:

"Legion...here. Legion... here, south ridge... Legate Jena Apinia!"
The argonian furrowed his brow. This set of events would be devastating to the Legio Luporum.

"Centurion Do'Shara!" Two Grave Tongue yelled out loudly, turning his head to-and-fro hoping to catch a glimpse of the khajiit. "Centurion! We need to evacute this encampmemt poste haste!" He shouted out once more loudly.


Feb 6, 2017 7:21PM:Do'Shara:

The Khajiit Do'Shara found herself near the edge of the encampment, having completed a sufficient inventory of their current situation. Several shouts caused her to pause, and she turned her head towards the source. People were gathering near the center. Do'Shara's eyes widened in alarm as her ears picked up the warning. No! Had she heard correctly? They had been discovered? She cursed under her breath and began to make her way towards the crowd.
Nearing the cause of the commotion, Do'Shara heard her name called out. The Tessarius! Upon hearing his order, she hurriedly made her way to Two-Grave-Tongues side. "Right away Sir!" She responded, giving a quick salute. She turned to the onlookers. "Hurry now! You heard him! Douse the fires! Pack as much as you're able! Spread the word! We need to leave!"
As the men and women scrambled to get ready to evacuate, Do'Shara motioned a couple aside. "Let everyone know. Speed is of the utmost importance. Hurry!"


Feb 6, 2017 8:28PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"How many are there? I could destroy them with a single swing of my sword!" Exclaimed Laguug, with the need for spilled blood beginning to overcome him. His eyes were wide with a crazed adrenaline filled fury, and he was sure to meet his death if he were to take on these men himself. He realized this and started to gather with the rest of the main group. "Two-Grave-Tongue, tell me, who is this Legate Apinia?" He was beginning to calm down, though he was still filled with the want for spilled blood.


Feb 7, 2017 9:38AM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

The brevity of the situation hit Two Grave Tongue like an unexpected blow and it cause him to visualize the world in a tense and slow pace.

What to do? What to do!?

"Two Grave Tongue, tell me, who is this Legate Apinia?"** The orc asked breaking the argonian's attention.

"It is tessarius Two Grave Tongue, my rank title is tessarius and as such I expect you to honor it, considering that you desire to be counted amongst our numbers." The argonian shifted his head and gazed at the scenario all about him. He noted the chaos which now engulfed the legion, but as well he bore witness to the men and women whom would not easily yield and did what they could to aid the encampment.

He turned his attention to the man within his hands, the exhausted scout. "Legate Apinia is a cruel and bitter woman who desires nothing more than to be adorned in praises, honors and recognition. To that end she is capable of any deed no matter how vile or diabolic. Thus I doubt she has arrived to provide us plesantries." The argonian turned his sights at the orc, " Auxiliary Laguug, information at this dire moment is invaluable and desperately required if we are to survive this encounter. If you may, heed Miles Syvarris and aid him in obtaining information of where the host of our uninvited guests gather. Return immediately with this information. Also, this should go without saying, but restrain the desire to engage the enemy head on, we don't need a new recruit dying it woukd be terrible for morale." Two Grave Tongue stated with some humor upon his words. Yet, as mirthful as he could seem, the argonian was agonized by all that was occuring within.

If you don’t laugh you shall only end up crying.


Feb 7, 2017 10:28AM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Yes, my Tessarius." Laguug said before heading out to find Miles Syvarris. He was quite upset that he wouldn't have the opportunity to kill this day, but he would honor his new leader's commands.... at least for now.


Feb 9, 2017 12:41PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

Syvarris ran swiftly toward the crowd. If the legion had found them, then they would certainly be destroyed, but too much was at stake. He could hear Two-tongue shouting orders and saw the ranks of the Legio Luporum scrambling to gather equipment and put out the fires.


Feb 9, 2017 12:47PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Syvarris!" Cried Laguug. "Miles Syvarris, we are tasked with getting information about these Legionarres." He was panting now. Oh, how he needed blood!

Don't break now!He kept thinking.You've too much riding on this

Laguug found Syvarris and grabbed his shoulder. "You okay? Come on, let's go see where these fools are."


Feb 9, 2017 1:05PM:Syvarris Mithreir:

As the orc flew past his fellow soldiers, Syvarris stopped so as not to be flattened. Laguug placed a hand on Syvarris' shoulder, the vindictive soldier could immediately sense something wrong the newest recruit. The rabid look in his eyes was unsettling. "Alright Laguug, let's go. Was this Two-tongue's request?"


Feb 9, 2017 1:14PM:Laguug Shield-Bearer:

"Yes, it was. We were told not to engage, just to observe and come back immediately. Saddening, I know, but we must leave now!" Laguug was absolutely pumped with adrenaline. He was going to burst. He knew it, but rejected it as a whole. The two started off in the direction that the wounded soldier came from. We are only observing he told himself. We are only observing


Feb 15, 2017 9:25AM:Two-Grave-Tongue:

From atop her steed, Jena Apinia kept her gaze steadily upon pinnacle of the Bordahimmin mountain. It stood jagged and imposing against the darkened snow filled firmament. Yet, she considered, beneath the ominous peak, along the ridges and valleys which define it's roots, there nestled among the snow covered foliage was an encampment of Imperial traitors.
Jena Apinia wickedly smiled. Should be naught but easy pickings.

"Legate," A nearby soldier, adorned in the attire of a scout, approached her. The soldier bowed respectfully before her presence. "The weather impedes our efforts to locate the exact location of the encampment. Yet, it should..."
Legate Jena Apinia kicked the soldier and caused the man to tumble over into the snow.
"I am not interested," Legate Apinia began softly, "in your failures. I want that encampment to be found NOW!" She yelled loudly.

The soldier struggled to composed himself once more before her presence, bowed, and turned to walk away.

Legate Apinia smiled as she returned her gaze to the Bordahimmin. The mountain was imposing, but so was she; she considered gleefully.
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"And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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