A Guild For Dads And Family Guys

Check out the Knightmare Saints on the PS4 NA server. We are a division of The Patriarchs Community of Gamers, and as such, are geared towards guys in the Family Life. Trying to balance Work, Wife, Kids, and Life can be a real struggle and we get it. Our community uses Discord to communicate within the Guild and the entire Patriarch Community and is a requirement. We are a very casual community and as such, have very few rules:

1) Be a Family Guy or At Least 18
2) NO Swearing/*** in chats
3) Use of the Discord app is required for communication
4) Be Respectful
5) Have Fun

If you're interested in joining up, you can PM me here or on PSN at Cornbread243
The Knightmare Saints
Patriarch Community of Gamers
PSN: Cornbread243
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